sooooooo uncomfortable

hi ladies

im 32+3 now but i feel like im in the last couple of weeks. im sooooo uncomfortable,:\( i have spd (mild), im REALLY short of breath, my ribs are killing me i get probably 2-3 hrs sleep a night because of all of this and iv got to look after my 2 boys.

i know they are all pretty much common pregnancy probs but its making it so hard to look after my boys.

do u think if i asked my mw that she will agree to and induction a week or 2 early?
has any1 else been induced? if so, is it true it makes labour longer and more painful?:\?

elaine xx


  • hi hun,sorry cnt help u on the induction side but just 2 let u know i am feeling exactly the same!I have 5 weeks left n am so achey,awful back ache which i didnt have last time n i just cnt get comfy at u havin hardly no sleep!takes me wot seems like an hr 2 get up off the sofa or outa bed!lolmy daughter has got a cold n temperature 2 top it off so shes not well!o the joys!! xx
  • hi zoey,i dnt enjoy the last bit of bein pregnant!thats reassuring to hear bout ur friend as u do hear horror stories bout inductions dnt u!y was she induced? xxx
  • my 1st labour i was induced at 42wks and my labour was really short but painful it only was 4hrs 18mins altogether thats 4 1st time currently 2days overdue atm with baby num2 image
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