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Hi All

I found out the other day that I am rhesus negative. I was quite worried when reading through the leaflet but I'm hoping now that all it means is that I need a couple of injections. Has anyone else found this and hope you are not as worried as I first was.



  • Hi, I have been rhesus negative and known about it all my life. There is nothing to worry about. You will be given an injection at approx 28 weeks in the top of your arm. (the nurse's cold hands where worse than the injection). You could say we are special folk! their is a chance that your baby could be re neg but if your partner isnt then your lo might not be, however saying that, my dad isnt re neg and both my brother and I followed mum's blood group!
    The hospitals/mdw are more worried about re neg in 2nd and 3rd pregnancys so if this is your first they will be fairly laid back with you.
    any questions feel free to ask.
  • Hi Lolly, I've just bumped up another thread about the same topic. Don't worry - it means we get a little extra care but it's absolutely no problem!
  • i think i may be i know my mum is i'll find out soon anyway, is nothing to worry about xx
  • hi lolly!!!!!!!!!

    its nothing major. i discovered i was rhesus negative when i was expecting my daughter and i looked it up just like you have, and it scared me half to death reading it all but my midwife reassured me.
    my mum and dad are both positive, but my nana is negative which is where i think i inherited it from.

    firstly they tell you that you only get a negative baby if the father is negative too, but this is rubbish. my first baby was negative but my second positive (despite having same father), and my third is also negative (different to other 2)
    they say its only a problem with subsequent pregnancies and not your first. when i had my other 2 though they didn't give me an injection routinely, they checked my antibodies every 4 weeks and then would only act if there was a problem and then again tested after the birth. i didn't have to have any injections with first or second child, but with my second one i discovered after he was born that i needed an anti-d injection and that he was positive.
    now my 3rd pregnancy, i had a lot of bleeding and the hospital put it down to my blood clashing with the babies and gave me injections every 6 weeks (this was a smaller dose than the big one you get at 28 weeks), then i had the big one at 28 weeks, so i was shocked that after i had him i was told that i didn't need another injection because he was positive.

    well i hope this has been helpful. and i wish you all the best for the future.
  • hi ive known ive been rhesus negative 4 years my mom and dad r both rhesus negative and it really is nothin 2 worry bout like every 1 has said u will get a lil extra tlc! when my mom had us 4 kids it wastnt really known of but now the midwifes and docs no what there on about so just listen to what they say and the injections dont hurt, u get proded that many times with blood bein takin you get use to it by the time you have them lol xx
  • Hiya

    I posted about this the other day as my midwife told me I was rhesus negative and scared me half to death about it! Lots of people posted really nice things and explained it to me, much better than my midwife! I've calmed down about it now and as someone else has said, they have to look after us now they know! I did make my husband go and give blood at the weekend so we could find out his blood group. If he is negative too then it's fine, but I have a feeling he'll be positive! But don't worry, it's not as bad as I first thought!
  • Im kinda waiting to hear it, I havent got my bloods back yet but both my mum and my sister are, so ill be suprised if im not...aparently OH is negative though
  • Thank you for all your supporting comments. I am much less worried now especially now that I know some of you are on your second and third pregnancies!! I think I have worried about everything every step of the way. The next one is hearing the baby's heart beat (I will be 16 weeks) and I worrying that they wont find it. I think I need to relax more!!!
  • All I want to know is does it have to be in the arm. I hate needles. And would much rather wanted to present my rear to them rather than an arm.
  • ^^Im not sure where it is, my sisters on her second pregnancy and she's had to have them, ive never asked her where it is.
    I kinda worry a lot too, Im having my first scan on monday and i cant help but worry that its gunna all go wrong image
  • I'm rhesus neg too, it's not a problem in a first pregnancy but if baby is positive (like my first was) then you'll have to have an Anti D injection into a muscle after you've had baby. Think it's within 3 days. My area don't routinely give anti d injections during pregnancy but they do check your bloods more often to make sure you're not producing anti bodies. If they find that you are then they'll give you the injection.

  • u need to stop worryin u r all in good hands bein this bllod group is fine my daughter was completly healthy in the pregnancy and afta ur 1st prgnancy is scary and stressful as it is with out worryin about this just relax and enjoy ur pregnancy! u dont want to stress your selfs out over this ladys its not worth the worry really. you might have the injection in your arm or thigh i think i no it has to be injected in2 a muscle tho!
    hope its a bit more usefull 4 you but it is really nothin 2 worry bout the doctors an midwife no wot there doin just relax and enjoy your pregnancys! x x x
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