second baby and no-one as interested!?!

has anyone experienced the feeling that no-one is realy excited about your pregnancy second time round??i may sound realy selfish, and we are so not having this baby to get attention or anything like that but it would be nice if people would be interested. i just kind of feel like cause ive done it before no-one is excited for us. last time was my first baby and at that point i was sick of the attention and sick of people not seeing me as me, i was just a baby incubator!!and thay didnt see ME anymore, but this time i miss that!! what am i like, pregnancy has really screwed with my mind.LOL!!


  • I expected to be exactly the same, because no-one really bothered with my first pregnancy, because two other people in family were pregnant at the same time. However because my lo is only 16mths people are taking more of an interest this time saying they cnt believe im having such a small gap. And there is the added bonus that no-one in family is pregnant as well...yet.
  • this might sound a bit weird but last time i felt that people totally analysed my body, they would comment on the size of my bump or how i was looking and they would talk at my bump instead of my face, now they dont even glance down!! i am such a selfish b***h by saying that i know, but its such a soecial time for us and we are so excited and just want other poeple to be the same, but i suppose its not so exciting for other poeple!!!
  • I thought only my family were getting on like this. This is my third child and with both previous pregnancies people made such a fuss about the baby and started asking me what I would like as a baby present really early on.

    This time no-one not even my own mum has suggested getting this baby ANYTHING and I'm due next week!! With my other two she bought loads of stuff- and I'm not being materialistic I just mean that every time she went into town during my last two pregnancies she would come back with bibs or wipes or vests wee things but the thought is what counted.

    All my relatives know that after my last child I gave everything away as I didn't intend to have any more kids so its not like they think I don't need stuff. Sod them all thats what I say- as long as me and oh and my other kids are happy they can go to pot!!!
  • I think I win for lack of enthusiasm, all of our close family are delighted but when I told my gran her exact words were "Oh dear, but you've already got a baby!" My lo is only 16 months now (she will be 22 months when number two arrives) but I didn't know babies were rationed!
  • wait till you get to number 4, no one even mentions it!!! they all piss me off coz i know they will be round like flies when ive had it
    love vikki xx
    31 weeks xx
  • im ssoo glad im not the only one, at least we all have each other to be excited for each other!!
  • i have only just told my family 2weeks ago and told the inlaws 3days ago,so only just telling people now, my sister is pregnant and has lots of complications so no one will be botherd with my pregnancy i dont think till after her baby is born there is only 5 weeks between us so cant see me getting alot of attention this time lol, only my daughter who is 3 seams to be getting exited lol,

  • I am having baby no 3. We have had miscarriages this year so there is a reason not to get to ahead of ourselves. But.... I can feel kicking and the midwife got the heartbeat. She thinks I am 16 to 18 weeks. I am having trouble sleeping and got backache. People keep saying dont get too excited just incase blahhh blahh blahh. I cant help it I can feel it to me it is real. Everyone else including my other half can ignore it. I just want to be happy and go shopping. Is that too much to ask?
  • Hi
    this is my first baby, and everyone but my mum is pleased and going nuts for me. My sister nearly had to brow beat my Mum in M&S the other day and that was only to go and look at the baby clothes. Girls hang in there, I am sure your friends and family are just as pleased.
  • hi battie, i feel quite bad for you actually..of course you want to be allowed to be excited and i dont think people should be telling you not to get excited!you just go ahead and shop, just because you had mc's doesnt mean it will happen this time. people make me so mad!!!
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