Anyone with IBS????

Hi all i have mild IBS and usualy have regular bowl movements cupl times a day, but lately iv been going alot more than that, im 9weeks i know most people experiance constipation and was just wandering if theres any of you that have experianced the oppiseate like me?? any ideas would be of help thanks image xxx


  • Phew was a bit worried good to know im not the only one! image Xx
  • Hello!!
    Me too.. it settles after 10 weeks into pregnancy and then hit again around 17 weeks and then settled down until the last few weeks of pregnancy. :roll:

    It's not a real problem in pregnancy but do speak to your doctor if your concerned. My Consultant was great and gave me medication that helped and confirmed to me that if I needed immodium desperatly I could take it. Which though I tried not to it was good to know it was there if I needed it!! :lol:

    Lydia xx
  • Hi i also suffer with IBS and have done for many years! When i asked my mw about it she said the symptoms usually disappear in pregnancy. The first few weeks it played up really bad then settled down (what a relief). now and again i get a flare up but no where near as bad! hope it stays that way!\)
  • Hi,
    I suffer from IBS pretty badly.

    Im 6 weeks and have found that im not going nearly as much as normal. Haven had pretty bad stomach pains, which has all been checked out and they think it due to my IBS thank god (can cope with the pain as long as the baby is ok!).

    My usual trigger foods are not causing me to need the loo at all.
  • i have IBS too. have had to come off my medication for it aswell due to pg image

    i've been going alot more than i usually do and havent had any bouts of constipation which is unusual for me.

    18 weeks
  • Hi girls i have ibs too and mine is practically gone since i been pregnant hope yours settles soon.x
  • hello,i have ibs and have had it for years,mine was terrible at the beginning of my pregnancy,i had diorrhea then i was more regular (which has never happened) when i got to about 20 weeks,now im 30 weeks plus 6 days and i suffer from terrible constipation,i often put a hot water bottle on my back to help with the pain and i get my partner to rub my back which seems to help,unfortunately i think its just one of those things.
  • Hi,
    I am a fellow sufferer and have had IBS for about 10 years now, strangley it hasnt been half as bad since I have been pregnant and has been managed through diet really.

    I was unfortunate to suffer really bad morning sickness for my first three months so lost quite a bit of weight and also had two sickness and D viruses which were awful.

    I dont like medication so manage mine through diet so hopefully you will find the same.

    Good luck,

  • Hi there

    I suffer from colitis, not totally the same, but similar and my colitis has dissapeared since i fell pregnant!! I was in hospital for a week last year with it and have diahorrea every morning since then, but since ive been pregnant, ive hardly had it all. I wonder if it will dissapear forever or if it will come back? Will have to wait and see, i hope so xx

    Sharon x

  • Thanks all your replies have all been very helpfull, i was told mine was mild and have never been given medication, but was considering seein doc as it had been es[ecialy worse the past week but gues its one of those things. Anyone take the peppermint oil (i think thats what it's called) can u take while preg??? Fingers crossed toileting today had been pretty norm, phew Xxximage
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