RANT.. b4 i explode

Right, as some of you know me and OH seperated recently.

well today I went over to see his mum as she is worried sick about me having still birth ( she had one with her daughter and coz i am having a girl she is super anxious bless her)

We did the normal chait chat, how are you/baby etc then she asked me why I split with Jake. Talk about leave me in an awkward position. It seems he has told her nothing. She found out about it from my mum in town at the weekend. He has been back at home just about 2 weeks.

SO, i had to sit and explain that his attitude was poor.
He has waited months for Grace to start kicking him, now when I tell him she is, he just kinda grunts about it. He never wanted to know where I was (despite having been in labour at 23 weeks), doesn't acre if I spend all my day with another man. Didn't even bother texting me back when I sent him a message saying i had realised it was the 1st anniversary of my Grandad dying. That when he went back to his mums house it took him 4 days to think to ask how his baby was. I could go on but I can't be arsed.

Basically, he is being an idiot. I got told by him that being interested in it all is hard for him because he is used to being on his own so he only thinks about him!!
I went mad... told him that worry and interest should come naturally to him, he is about to become a dad.

She just kinda shook her head and said that he was acting that way coz he is so worried!!! WTF.
Surely if he was worried he would be acting the opposite?

THEN, she said I must have done/said something for him to be acting this way. Why would it be my fault. I have told him soooo many times that he needs to sort his attitude out before Grace gets here coz she is gonna need us both, and to be fair the last 3 days he is trying i guess, but I am so mad that I got the blame for him being a cock at the moment.

I know I probably seem totally like I am over reacting but for once it finally got to me.



  • Aww Elsbeth, bloody men i say lol. His mother just wants to think the sun shines out of his bum lol. My sons dad was a waste of space honest to god, but of course all his problems were down to me according to her, it was like aww but he doesnt understand and its hard for him, christ woman it was hard on me lol. My current partner and father of my lo due in june, is much better thank god, although couldnt have been worse, but i learnt never confide in a MIL they bloody always think their son can do no wrong lol, even if they are selfish twats. lol, anyway hun, take care and ignore the twat for a while he dont deserve you both xxx sending hugs
    Tracey 35.4 weeks
  • Awww hun Im sorry about that.
    Try not to worry to much about what she said, like Tracy said-blokes mums seem to think that their little lads can do no wrong.
    Hope your feeling better


  • There is something about MIL's that blinkers their vision of their "little boys". I have had this 3 times now with women who dont believe their boys can do any wrong.

    One even accused me of turning her son into an alcoholic, abusive arsehole!!! She phoned me up at 6.30am during the school holidays to tell me what a bad person I was - I hadnt had coffee yet and believe me only one of us came off that phone in tears so GOOD FOR YOU standing up for yourself and telling her the truth about her son.

    Love Lee
  • Yes, I agree - although it doesn't matter if you told her that her son was a mass murdered that had been witnessed by the whole world - it would either not be true or your fault!

    I wouldn't even bother trying to tell them anymore -keep strong for yourself and leave the MIL in her rose tinted stupour. As for your oh - he needs some growing up to do, but in the meantime do what you're doing and be strong for your little girl.

    Big hugs
  • oh i am past caring now, I just refuse to take the blame for him.

    what with so much other stuff going on I really don't give a shit about anything tbh.
  • That sounds like typical MIL comments to me, so sorry uv bin having such a rough time and it shudnt have bin left to u to tell his mum and explain things. Hope u feel better after letting it all out to us, now try and relax u dnt wana get to stressed in ur condition. Kerry xxx

  • I was just saying that its typical mother in law behaviour to defend their sons in most cases but not all. Sorry!

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  • erm, it wasn't a who has the worst MIL competition you know and that has nothing at all to do with what I was talking about either..
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