i want to carry on swimming as ive been getting a bit lazy but bit worried cos i heard a few people say that u shouldnt do breast stroke while your pregnant.. thats the easiest one! is this true? what do you think? i cant go in there do that over arm thing surely? :roll:

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  • i went simming when i was pregnant and always did breast stroke. in fact i went to an aquanatal class for a while and the midwifes never said anything about not doing it. it is so good to be in the water you feel weightless for a change.lol
  • brill! ill carry on then. im coming up to 34 weeks and on matenrity so dont wanna start piling on too many pounds.. will have an early morn dip tomo then! how often do you go a week guys? xx
  • im not preg any more my babba is 10months and i still try to go once a week. she loves pool but dont get much swimming done these days. i used to once a week. it felt so nice in the water. i think it the easiest exercise when you preg.xx
  • thanks ive been putting it off cos thought i couldnt do breast stroke, heard it from a few people, and on here.. looking forward to it now! bet itslovely taking your lo angie im really looking forward to taking our little man for a splash!
  • its fantastic and the earlier you take them the quicker they get used to it. she just love to splash in the water.
  • No you shouldn't be doing breast stroke, its the legs that can be dangerous the further into pregnancy due to the way the pelvis gets tilted.I've been going to aqua natal and we were told not to do it and I also read it in a mag, can't remember which one though.x
  • ok so what kinda legs do ya do? kicking or like frog legs...?!! i knew id heard it before!xx
  • ok so what kinda legs do ya do? kicking or like frog legs...?!! i knew id heard it before!xx
  • thanks debs! x
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