Baby bath recommendations?

Hi ladies, does anyone have any bath recommendations? I was all set on getting a fisher price aquarium bath that has the sling support but after reading a few reviews that say because the baby isn't actually in the water as such , it gets cold very quickly, it's put me off it.

I really want one that has some sort of support so that we don't have to constantly hold the baby up but there are so many and alot (to my paranoid head :rollimage seem like they may actually hurt the baby due to the hard plastic shapes
I like the look of the slingback support seats as well but alot don't seem the right size to fit into a baby bath.

So as you can see I need some help! image

Thanks ladies!

Jo xx

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  • To be honest hun, I wouldnt bother with a baby bath, we only used ours for the first week or so and then resorted to the normal bath.

    We bought a foam bath support for LO and it was great, it held him in place leaving us hands free and was just as easy to use in the big bath x

    good luck with the rest of your pregnancyx

  • I have the mamas and papas one and love it. LO is now nearly 11 months and we are still using it.

    He went in the lying down part from birth and that kept my hands free to clean him. He now sits up in the other end and plays away with his toys.
    It also saves on water using a baby bath as you don't need to fill the big bath up every time. It's only now we are thinking about starting to use the normal bath.
  • baby bath was way too much hassle so i just used its basically just a metal frame with a removable towel bit that baby lays on. i'd never seen them before my nan's friend gave it to me but they've just started doin them in argos. will definately be buying one this time round!|category_root|Nursery|14417537/c_2/3|14417537|Feeding+and+bathing|14417596/c_3/4|cat_14417596|Bathing+and+potty+training|14417599.htm
  • O I was looking at that one Nessie, did you put a soft cloth or anything under the baby when he was little? or did it seem comfortable enough for him as it was? I know I sound really paranoid..imagine what I'll be like when baby arrives!! :lol: xx
  • hi, for ds as a newborn we had a towelling bath support, which is great as u can take the material off and wash it, plus ur hands are free to wash/play with baby. then we he was old enough to sit with minimal support (5months) we switched to a bath seat, which he loves, although now at 17months we need to stop using that as he demonstrated last night that he can now attempt to climb out of it, so won't be long before he actually manages need to switch now to just a normal non slip mat i think.

    this is the one we used from newborn---however they don't ahve an image for some reason

    this is mothercares identical version to the one above--

    and this is the one we used form sitting ---

    hth xx
  • Thanks girls, I was thinking of that towel support too Jaynie, it looks so easy to sort out and use, I'm assuming it fits no problem into a standard baby bath?
  • yes its really small so doesnt take up too much space for storage either. my partner will probably try buying all the expensive ones as this is his first but im definately getting that one! easy to clean easy to store and unlike big baby baths it doesnt kill your back lugging it around full of water!
  • I was given a bog standard baby bath but I found it hard to wash and keep DD in place and she never seemed to happy with it. So I bought the bath support from m&p which can go into main bath too. she seems much happier now, I think because I am more relaxed.
  • I also wouldn't bother with a baby bath - much easier to put them in your big bath with a support. I don't know anyone who used a baby bath more than about twice!

    You can always use a washing up bowl if your desperate for a baby bath in the early days! Loads cheaper, smaller and more useful after you're baby is too big! : -D
  • Hi,

    i had a bath support similar to the towelling one (though it was like a light weight fabric). It was good for laying baby on in a baby bath, but I fould that both mine preferred for my to just support their head and neck as they got bigger so they had more freedom to splash around.

    Baby baths are good, but easier to use with a stand and some babies outgrow them really quickly!
  • Hi, I never put anything under his head, his baths were very quick when he was small and I think I might have just kept a hold of his head most of the time.
    Our MIL bought it for us and I thought, wow it's so big but I just leave it in our normal bath when we aren't using it. Our baby has had lot's of use out of it. I would definately reccommend it
  • We had a tummy tub with our little boy, and absolutely loved it! The midwife recommended it to us as it (apparently) feels like being in the womb and helps to settle a newborn. It looks a bit strange, but we used it until he was old enough to sit up in the main bath by himself at about 7 months. It made bathing him really easy as I always had a hand free, and when he was a couple of months old, he didn't need holding at all.
  • i bought the summer bath support seat, from asda and mothercare, it is like a net material, looks realy comfy, i want to try and fit in it image

  • justarascal - I love love love that bucket type bath...... looks fab.......and fun for the baby..

    I might just go a buy a bucket from B&Q..hahahah

  • Thanks ladies! We've went for the towelling support and just a standard baby bath, it saves having to fill the big bath each time so seems more sensible, thanks for all the help!
    I liked the look of those tubs as well justarascal but how on earth do you wash babies bum?? can't imagine sticking them head in first is a good idea! :lol:
  • Hi Ladies. I want a tummy tub as my friend said it was great. But can you use it from newborn and how do wash hair if they are sat upright?
  • I have the same bath as nessie2, best bath i have brought (this is my 2nd baby) Ethan is now 8.5 months and still loves it, we do also have a bath seat but he prefers the baby bath. Brilliant for new borns in my opinion
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