28+1 anyones baby measuring small?

Midwife felt my tummy on monday and said bubba feels small and she wants me to go for a growth scan. Slightly pee'd off because i'm now worryng and they can't get me booked in for it until 3 weeks time. Baby is very active but feels low down, ive not felt any kicks up in the ribs yet? Has anyone else had anything similar? x


  • thanks for your reply Gem. I'm assuming my placenta is normal because nothing has been mentioned at any of my scans before.
    I hadn't even realised my belly wasn't getting much bigger but this morning alone two people have said to me, you look really small!! argh, i guess i'm not going to relax until the scan. I'm actually booked in for a 4D scan this sunday so hopefully seeing bubba again will ease my mind a bit and also i'll ask her to do some measurements too.
  • hi i was the same last time, and had to have lots of scans near the end, they thought my placenta may not be feeding baby properly, but scans all showed she was fine. they told me the at scan the day before she was born that she was about 5lbs so that was ok to go ahead with normal delivery, she was born next day at 7lb2oz so i dont think they can be so acurate as you think!i also had loads people telling me i was tiny bump, just enjoy it, this time im much bigger and hating it!!
  • My sister in law was the same with both her girls. She ended up having two healthy babies, try not to worry. Hope the scan goes ok!
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