I'm so annoyed!!

Really peed off.

I've changed doctors, yet again, cos me & oh moved in together (long story), and been told the MW could see me today at 11.15. Drove all the way up there only to be told she can see me NEXT WEEK. Ffs I could've had the baby by then. It's only been a week & 1/2 since my last appointment and everything was fine then but I really wanted to know how things were progressing and hopefully ask if she could give me a sweep at some point.

I have been with this dr's before and the receptionist is an absolute cow. One of those ppl with a scary nasal voice lol. I said you do know its my due date on Monday, can't she see me now? But no. Then as I went out to my car the rain was absolutely pouring down and being as its my first car and I haven't been driving that long I didn't know where the heated rear windscreen thing was so I drove back practically blinded!!!

I mean I know it inconvieniences people me moving so late in my pregnancy but they get paid for their job, they shouldn't make me feel like I'm being a pain becuse of my personal circumstances.

I'm so bored as well, got no idea what to do till my due date...Me and my OH both have colds and are miserable, its miserable weather and I haven't even had a twinge. I feel like a failure for not having my lo earlier. I'm not sure why. And I feel incredibly jealous of all the women who had their los at 38 weeks...why arent I one of them?

I just know I'm going 2 weeks over, have barely even had a fake contraction. I'm seriously doubting that my body even knows how to give birth.

I dunno whats wrong, just feel so angry....Someone please tell me to stop being a silly cow!!!! xxx




  • awww hun. Spend the time walking, eating curry and having sex! It wont be long now hopefuly. But the snotty receptionist could of asked the midwife if she can see you at the end of her clinic or something. I know it must be so frustrating just waiting for something to happen.
  • Sorry your feeling down babe. I know how you feel. With my first I got sooooooooooo fed up it was untrue!! Birth can happen without even the slightest of warning signs. I was 2 days overdue and giving up hope baby would come at all lol!! It sounds silly now. Then lying in pain one night she decided it was time to make an appearance.

    Just think how far you've come and you're now soooo close to the finish line. Just hang in there, won't be long now I can assure u.

    Love, Karys xoxox
  • Thanks girls....I should stop whinging! Just everyone seems to have had their babies early on the april forum.

    Carly...I read on your other thread that you went 17 days over...so i really should shut up lolxxxx


  • Oh babe its been a long 39 weeks and you are dying to meet your lo but try and enjoy your last few days with your partner. As your life is going to change like you can never imagine. And i promise you you will miss being pregnant in a few weeks time. It is really wierd when you have to start sharing them with every one else. Dont bank on your sweep working either, they can only do one if your cervix is thin. And also if you have a cold and feel rottern you want to get over this before your baby is born and you are smothering it with loads of kisses. Also you want to feel really fit and stron for the labour and after it is exhausting!! I t is probably natures way of making sure baby comes at the right time. And why would you feel a failure for not having lo at 38 weeks. Baby will come when baby is ready xxxxxx Oh and stop being a silly cow!!! (only said that becouse you said it!)
  • lol no dont be daft, everyone is different and trust me, those last 4 weeks I was an evil cow! My mum actually avoided me until the day I was induced!
  • Westbrom1, I know you're right - what I needed 2 hear really!!

    No wonder you were being a stroppy cow Carly, I feel like I am getting there lol. Like in friends when Rachel was overdue lol!!! xxx


  • Tiger Lily

    I've got PLENTY things you could be getting on with round my house - cleaning, preparing my baby stuff, more cleaning (builders still in and dust everywhere). I can almost guarantee I'll put you into labour LOL!

  • tiger.. stop being a silly cow.

    You are not a failure for not having your baby yet, infact you are obviously doing such a good job he wants to stay in longer!
  • Can I come round? lol.

    I don't think anything could put me into labour! I went swimming yesterday and did loads of lengths, not even a twinge. I'm still driving (and my crap driving could put a non pregnant person into labour haha). Washed the car, cleaned out the room, lifted heavy objects, had a lot of sex....nothing!

    In my first trimester I was hoping for a sticky baby haha but not THIS sticky........
  • LOL not this sticky! I've got you and Zoey enlisted to come round and sort my house out now - I'll get the cod liver oil and raspberry leaf tea in and I'll make a super hot curry for you!!! (but def not for Zoey lol)x
  • i can imagine your frustration, i am only 36 weeks and i am bored and potentially i still have another 4-6 weeks left. However do try to relax and keep doing what you are doing. Have you tried the Raspberry leaf tea? i am going to be trying everything if baby has not arrived by due day!!

    Good luck and fingers crossed you don't go too far overdue!

  • If you are up north - I might need a hand too mate!!!!

    Have been approached by a woman who wants to do a mutual exchange coz her 3 bed house is too big for her and if its given the go ahead will be within the next 6 wks!!! Normally that would be fine but in 6 1/2 wks am going in for my c/section!!!!! The house is only 200 yds from where I live so would not normally be a problem but have to use a wheelchair outside the house now! Can see me being put in chair with boxes on top and being shoved down the road! The words "Brian Potter" spring to mind lol

    So if you are still bored lol
  • Hope to god I am not still here in 6 weeks! lol.

    That sounds sooo stressful! Its good when the council do exchanges though. There must be so many old people in massive houses that they can't look after properly & loads of families cramped in small houses.

    Make your sons & husband do all the moving furniture while you direct them! I would....lolxxx
  • Yeah, she could supervise them from her wheelbarrow loaded up with the kettle etc lol!!

    Good luck Lee, hope it pays off and I'm not taking any glee whatsoever from the fact that you are in the same situation. None at all........hehex

    (maybe you could attach a little trailer to the back of the wheelchair!!!)
  • Thanks for that Karen!

    I really really want this move but am now in a complete panic -should I do it before Tommy gets here (with SPD) or try and delay it til just after my c/section! Either way is gonna be a nightmare but I suppose the 1st option - a nightmare with more room would be best!

    Am still in shock tbh! Within 24 hours have gone from panicing about having no room, then approached for this exchange and a sudden move! Gotta grab it while I can!

    Defo thinking bout the trailer - I can steer the wheelchair backwards and forwards (no corners) so should be able to manage it lol - imagine how much money I could save rather than renting a van to move me 200 yds!
  • And so much easier as well - no real loading up etc. Personally I think you should grab it with both hands - these exchanges come up so rarely and you don't want to tempt fate by delaying things. Anyway, more of an excuse to do nothing but supervise whilst you've got spd - sounds good to me!

    Just hope it's not raining on the day or you're gonna get a bit wet going up and down the street all day - I've got such a wicked picture in my mind now of you and your trailer with a rain mac and make shift brolly contraption. Oh dear, think it must be time for bed!xx (maybe your oh could soup it up pimp my ride stylee so it has a bit of va va voom?)
  • If anything I need an airhorn to warn people we are coming! He seems to forget there are footplates in the front and its a bit embarrassing apologising when he rams everyone! Think he is trying to drum up business for the wheelchair company so we can pay a reduced rate - hundreds of pensioners going to them for wheelchairs with broken legs!

    So, rainmac, airhorn (playing la cucaracha), makeshift brolley. No - will stay inside organising things I think - let everyone else do it but they can borrow the wheelchair lol

    Night mate!!
  • Tigerlily, you could always come to mine and take Millie to the local soft play place. She likes to go on the big slide which involves climbing up a giant climbing net, through tunnels and over bridges etc etc. I am sure that one day I'll go in to labour while I'm there. Need to be a bit careful though as one of my friends got stuck halfway round when she was heavily pregnant and had to slither backup one of the slides on her arse!
  • Zoey you are sooooooo not having a hot curry - Ruby doesn't need any excuses to get moving again!

    LOL Kerry - were you there when your friend got stuck - I'd have had me camera phone out big time - youtube here we come!!!!!

  • That sounds like fun Bedhead lol. I'm a big kid and can't wait to have lo as an excuse to go and play on the park!!

    The 'had any signs' questions and the 'still here?' phone calls have started today! Boo. Feeling more positive now anyway and kind of accepted he's going to take a bit longer cooking. Will be p*ssed off if I have to be induced tho as I really didn't want an epidural and it seems everyone who is induced has one. Going to ask for a sweep next thurs, see if it starts anything!xxx


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