a question for all u pregnant ladies...

hope you dont mind me asking, but did any of you test the day/day after your period was due and get a negative then find out a few days/week later that you were pregnant, i ask this because my period is late and i tested and it was negative. so not sure wether i could be preg or if its down to stopping breastfeeding a few weeks ago thats mad my cycles crazy. any replies would be greatly apreciated xx


  • Hey Hannah,

    I got my bfp 5 days after my period was due after getting a bfn on the day my period was due image

  • I got my BFP 2 days after AF due after getting bfn on the day she was due.
  • thanks for the replies image i will test again next week and if its a bfn ill go to the docs to see what is happening. im fed up of waiting now lol xx
  • Yeah i tested on a clear blue digital on the day and the day after and got a negitive. Also my auntie tested a whole week after and got a negitive and then went on to have twins, how bizarre is that? Gud luck, Kerry xxx

  • thats crazy! thanks x
  • yea i got negative with all my pregnancies till i was few weeks late.I was actually 3 1/2 mths gone when i tested pos with my daughter!
  • I did that and it played havoc with my dates, still not entirely sure when I am due! Got a bfn on the day I was due and promptly decided 'oh well obviously not this month' and just forgot all about it (I hadn't been trying that long and I've missed periods several times in the past). Then the next time I was late I got bfp. So I had no idea when to date from. According to the scan I conceived between the two tests, but still not entirely sure. I would definitely test again in a week or so, if it turns out to be positive it will be a lot easier working out your dates!
  • wow hollysmum+bump thats a long time to wait untill testing pos! i shall keep on testing then untill the af witch turns up x
  • Hi

    I got my BFP 5 days after AF was due in both my pregnancy's, i got BFN's on the day my Af was due and the day after.

    Give it a few days and test again xx
  • im going to test on tuesday morning, if it is bfn im going to make an apt to see my doctor on that day. it may just be down to stopping breastfeeding. i had period pains 1 1/2 weeks ago but nothing ever came of it.... xx
  • i tested 3 days after af was due and got negative (EVEN THOUGH I 'KNEW' I WAS PREGNANT) then left if another 9 days cos i was so scared of another negative that i kept putting it off. so got positive 12 days after due
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