Sudden Vomiting!

Ladies, I'm just 7 weeks and although have felt sick for a few weeks had not actually been sick - until last night. OH and I stopped on the way home from work to pick up some shopping, I stayed in the car then suddenly had to get out to be sick on the pavement! It was horrendous and has happened again this morning while out walking the dog (post dry crackers and water), only this time accompanied by a nosebleed! It comes on so suddenly. Am assuming this is normal, but how am I going to cope at work in an office?! Any tips gratefully received x


  • i had this worry but i read somewhere the more you worry about it the worse it'll get so carry a carrier around with you and when you don't have time to dash to loo use the bag, it'll be hard to keep your pregnancy a secret but hey at least people will be sympathetic towards your vomitting episodes. i'm 8+6 and had a bout of uncontrollable vomiting and the loo is a fair distance from the office so i'd have to run... i had no bin to use so had to keep trying to swallow it till i could get to a sink or loo lol it was funny as i'd start walking in the direction of my office and double back on myself either running or at double pace. funnily enough it was the time i had taken the bag outta my hand bag image sods law!
  • Nicky, I never thought to discuss it with a midwife, but I guess if it gets worse then I may have to. CrochetMom - Loving the carrier tip - it's hardly glamorous, but then neither is being sick on my computer (worst case scenario in a team of men!). It makes me feel so much better knowing other people have had the same thing (NB: Had to break off while writing this.....can't believe this sickness!!)
  • lol bless you its not easy my stomach can't decide whether or not to empty or not image i've spent to day grazing on cuppa soups and stuff thats light but edible lol it helped! cuppa soup is something you can have at your desk and sip over a period of time and its not heavy on the stomach but helps give some nutrition lol
  • Arrrgh poor you it is nasty isnt it?! I was at uni until about my 3rd month and once I had to run out of the lecture and be sick. Also I remember being in the car and having to stop on the hard shoulder of the motorway cos my oh is very proud of his car and wouldnt have sick on it lol (we were on the way to a car show).

    Sadly when you're going to vomit there's not much you can do except run to a toilet or be sick in a carrier bag! Hope u feeling better soon x x x

  • Hi everyone.. Hate to dissapoint you all. I'm 14 weeks and I was still vomiting yesterday. Infact I had to run to the loo. I thought it was over.

    But it's back with a vengence. It stopped for about 2 weeks. And then meat made me sick. I cant believe I have gone veggie!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tashy1, I went veggie too in first 12 weeks, I hated the sight of meat espesh bacon urgh. I stopped being sick at 10-11 weeks but I have had a few 'relapses' lol where I felt fine then suddenly had to run off and chuck up!
    Philippa 18+2 x x x
  • mbear said hers stopped at 16weeks. so the first 12 are the hardest but you settle somewhne after that it seems image
  • Ok so the good news is that it will probably stop eventually and I might go veggie - but for now I have to stock up with plastic bags and cuppa soups! Thanks for the messages girls, really appreicate them x
  • Hello!

    I'm still vomiting every morning at 22+3 (not to make things worse) although this is a huge improvemnt on the early weeks which was 24 hour.

    In the early weeks anything could make me sick - carrier bags are the solution!

    As for the car dilemma - I've eventually taken to having a bucket in the car because there are parts of the journey I can't pull over. Driving and getting a carrier bag in place and being sick all together can be quite a challenge! At least the bucket can sit on your knee!

    YOu have all my sympathy!

  • hi im 16+5 im basically over the sickness although i usually feel very sick first thing in the morning when i was being sick properly i was sick every morning on the way to work outside neighbours houses had to get off the bus to throw up i was sick at work at the supermarket at my mums house at my other half's mums house everywhere!!!! and it was always sudden i would be talking to my boyfriend and then i would run to the bathroom throw up and he would still be talking to me lol!! but it does get easier i promise with me i had one day of throwing up all day and it just stopped after that i dont know if its like that with everyone ??? but good luck with it and dont worry in the end i gave up caring where i was when i sick!!
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