Cot or moses basket?


I don't know if i'm being stupid, but my baby will be in our room from birth untill we move house so prob up to a year or so old. I am just wondering can a new born go stright into a cot or should it be a moses basket? i am totaly clueless. Thanks :\?


  • We are in the same position (although hopefully will be able to move by the time the baby is six months or so and can sit up/roll over). We have a crib for the bedroom as there isn't room for a full cot and, from what I have heard, most babies outgrow a moses basket in about two months.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hiya hun didnt want to r & r, I put faith in her cot from the very first night we brought her home, she settled in it straight away and she slept right through the night from 6 weeks because she didnt have to adjust, during the day in the living room I kept her in the moses basket, Hope this helps
  • baby will be fine in either, but if you have the space in your room - go for the cot!
  • Some books say that its best for them to go straight into cot or at least put them in the cot for some of their naps so it gets them used to it.
  • Hi,

    I used a moses basket with my first lo and will be using it again this time too. I found it really useful as it is so light to move around the house during the day while your lo naps. My lo was 7lbs 4oz at birth and was fine in his moses basket until about 12 weeks when we moved him into his cot. He had no problems being moved from one to the other.

    You can get moses baskets from about ??30 so they aren't a huge cost, and if you are planning on having more children in the future you can use it again to get your moneys worth.

  • This is a good question as I have been wondering the same thing. I love Moses baskets think they are so cute. My parents have very kinldy said they would buy us one so we will be doing that but now i am thinking should I have the baby in the Moses basket during the day and then in the night put them in the cot which will be set up in our room already?

    K xx

  • Im thinking about having a saplings katie crib in our room to start with and then moving into a cot at a later stage.
    Im planning to get a pram with a carry cot, so was going to use this for sleeps in the day.

    I think what is clear is there is no right or wrong answer and it may be a case of see what suits baby when it arrives.
  • With my first l/o I lived in a flat and had a moses basket and then a cot, the transtition was not a hard one at all, in those days I always wanted a crib but they were so expensive.
    This time I am getting a moses basket and crib and then a cot for later on. The moses basket will be downstairs during the day as we have a tight staircase and it will be awkward to carry it upstairs and I will have a crib in my bedroom next to the bed. I will have a cot for the babies room for when he/she outgrows it.
    I was unsure of what to do but I have spoken to lots of my friends and have finally made my decision.
    Georgie 15+4 xx
  • OK I am being very silly but whats the differance between a crib and a cot?

    K xx

  • I could be wrong - but I think a cot is a more sturdy big thing (that can sometimes have the sides taken off to make a cot bed) and a crib is smaller - more like a moses basket on a frame ... sometimes they "hang" so they have a rocking motion ... I think !!!
  • Yea a cot is a lot bigger, a crib is wooden and swings. A crib is bigger than a moses basket and apparently a baby can stay in it longer than a moses basket but they grow out of them about 6 mths so you definatetly will need a cot in its first year its just whether you decide on just crib or just moses basket or all three. I would not go without a moses basket but as i said i wouldnt be able to take the baby up and down the stairs in it so im getting both.
  • Oh I see thanks girlsimage

    K xx
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