Weight - have I put too much on??!

Hi all,
I had my first mid-wife appointment last night (I'm 13+3) and I've put on 1.3 stone already!!
The mid-wife said I needed to be careful about too many carbs, but otherwise didn't seem that concerned.
I on the other hand was shocked about how much weight I've put on. I am so scared that i've really been over-eating - but all I've really been craving is carbs, carbs, carbs.
Do you think this is too much weight too soon??
Koi x


  • Hey Koi,

    I shouldn't worry too much about it matey I have put on a stone every 10 weeks so far I have put on three stone and expect at least another 1 - 1 and a half I have not gone up a dress size I'm just all out front and I'm eating healthily also.

    You may still have some water retention too as you are still quite early on.

  • Im 22+1 and have gained 19lbs so far (starting weight of 8stone 5, now at 9 stone 10)

    I was paranoid about it too but midwife says im doing well to be 5 and a half months and still in a size 8 jeans and unless you are overweight to begin with you shouldnt worry
  • I think it depends on the person how much weight you put on. Slimmer women tend to put on more than bigger ones...at least that's what it seems to me!

    I really wouldn't worry too much. Some women seem to eat healthily and put on loads. Others eat rubbish like me and don't seem to put on anything (just under 2 stone). I'd give in to your cravings, but try and eat healthy meals as well!xxx


  • I was just like Melissa87, started off at 8st4 and am now at 10st at 34 weeks. Mostly bump with wobbly legs, bum and arms but its just par for the course. Don't worry about it or compare too much, everyone is different - I don't think you're doing that bad to be honest.
  • Thanks for your replies.
    There's so much conflicting information in pregnancy books - I read in one that you are only meant to put on 1.5 to 2 stone in total!
    I think I will just try to cut down on my carb cravings and take a more healthy outlook and hope I don't pile on too much more!
    Thanks again!
    Koi x
  • Ive put on nearly 3 stone - but havent weighed myself for past month whats the point in worrying!

    I was 10st 5lb when feel pregnant and now 13st 3lb last time weighed myself.

    I am eating everything, but make sure most of it is healthy and always get my 5 a day and drink milk and eat wholemeal bread and stuff but i do eat a whole pack of donuts or biscuits - the baby wants it!!!

    dont worry you can always diet after you have the baby, i say ENJOY!!!

    Laura xx

  • I agree with mummythomas. Weight is just one of those things that you should worry about afterwards. I stopped looking at the scales after 2 stone gain, and i would only depress myself if i did. That along with the lumpy thighs that i have and skin drier than a desert, i shall book myself in for a full MOT after the baby arrives. After all it will be worth it!!

    Seriously, don't worry - it will all be fine in the end!

  • hey
    i wouldnt worry about it two much i know some pregnant women who have put on 5 stone. ive put on just under 2 stone and ive eaten healthy apart from the odd craving for a mcdonalds big mac. ud be suprised how much of the weight is baby weight for example blood volume increases, baby weight, weight of placenta and weight of breasts. if your weight keeps on increaseing have a chat with midwife , im sure she'd reassure you thou.
    Try not to worry , everybodys diffrent.

    Donna ( 38 weeks )
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