worried... high bp & protein in urine

Got back from drs a few hrs ago as i just couldnt take the v bad headaches, sickness and spots in my vision anymore... My blood pressure has shot up from a respectable 110/60 last week to 140/80 today in just 7 days image And i have protein in my urine tho didn't say how much - i also mentioned i'm having trouble passing urine (seeing how they wanted a sample). I have to go back on monday for my bp and urine to be checked again - i'm only 13 weeks!

I'm worried as this has happened quite early on and i know my mum had pre-eclampsia with me so had to have emergency c-section early and i know it can run in families. Just hoping my bp is down again on mon as don't want to go PIH this early as increases chances of pre-e :S

Anyone else had this before?


  • Hey

    I am 25 weeks and at 16 weeks I went to have my antenatal checkup & my BP was 156/90! I was asked for a urine sample as I hadn't bought one, and I just couldn't pee (I know, sounds so silly, but I was nervous!) After drinking a pint of water I managed to pee a bit and I didn't have protein in urine (phew). But they couldn't work out why my BP was so high & I had to have another checkup a fortnight later.

    Well...everything was back to normal and despite being absolutely riled at the cow midwife it had gone down to 120/60 which is normal, over the last few weeks it's remained normal but went low at one point, and a little high last week (110/80), but they weren't worried.

    Yes pre-eclampsia does run in families, my mum had it with me (I was born at term) & my oh's mum had a premature baby and nearly died because the doctors missed her pre-eclampsia (that was 22 years ago mind u). So it doesn't look good for me, but I'm staying calm!

    At 16 weeks I was told to watch out for blurred vision & headaches but I haven't had any. They told me not to worry about pre-eclampsia as it can't be diagnosed until 20 weeks. I think if they diagnosed you with it then they just monitor you closely and try to deliver a few weeks early.

    Remember that protein in the urine can be a bit of cervical mucus that has got mixed in with the pee, and as my story shows, high blood pressure can be a bit weird...my BP has been well weird since I got pregnant, up down all around lol...

    Just try not to worry & dont panic as will bring BP up even more! Try and rest whenever u can with your feet up higher than your heart, that's supposed to help so my mum says.

    Good luck image

  • i went into hospital on monday with spotty vision,head aches and protin in urine, they just monitored baby for 30 mins and sent me on my way, but i have to have more antinatals so they can keep an eye on it, i dont have high blood pressure tho, it was 120/60.
    hope you feel better soon hun, im sure they will keep a close eye on u.
    take care xxx


  • Thanks for your support ladies image I'll see how the check on monday goes - i'm just hoping its not a sign of any complications to come later on i guess!

  • hiya lauz,
    im sure everything will be fine for you on monday - make sure you let us know how you get on image
    just wanted to say i had protein in urine and high blood pressure (125/90) and the next visit i was fine, so try not to worry as it may be nothing. (i got told that pre-eclampsia doesnt usually occur until later stages, hence the blood check at 28wks for it)
    take care xx
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