FAO those who have had a tummy bug recently

Me again, still moaning about my unsettled tummy!

I notice one or two people seem to have had a tummy bug which seems to be doing the rounds recently. I'm still feeling really off from Saturday but I'm wondering whether it is a tummy bug after all. I had an upset tummy on Sat/Sun lunchtimes but was fine to eat rice and vegetables in the evening both days. I had bad tummy ache yesterday at lunchtime and this morning at 3am work up feeling REALLY sick (normal type of sickness which made my stomach really unsettled, not morning sickness type). In between these times I've felt not too bad at all and been eating OK (this is what makes me think it isn't a tummy bug).

Just wondered if this fits the pattern of the bugs you guys have had or whether you think I might just be having a unsettled digestive system due to hormones in pregnancy etc.

I did wonder about making a doctors appointment but then I thought there was little point as my symptoms are not severe and I'm still able to eat/drink so not dehydrated. I didn't really see what they could say apart from the classic 'come back in a week if you are not feeling better'.

I'm hoping I feel better soon as am going on holiday on Friday and will be spending about 5 hours in the car traveling :\(

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  • hello, just to say the winter norovirus which is the name for it in the hospitals has been making the rounds in the community which is how it is brought into hospitals in the first place. I have the vomiting a few weeks back, for me it was 24 hrs but most of the staff at work caught it. After the sickness had passed they were able to eat fairly normally but still had a wierd queasy (however spelt) stomach. You are doing the right thing though by m aking sure you are drinking to stop you feeling dehydrated especially with lo inside you.
    zoey is right though, us pregnant mothers are more suseptable to bugs with a lower immune system. I visited the parents in laws this w/e i was told before we went that they have just got over bad throat and colds. We went anyway and I thought I wouldn't catch anything as I didnt spend much time near his siblings. ANyhow yesterday eve i cam down with a cold and sore throat! Just taking hot drinks to try and sooth it!

    If i were you, especially as your going away this w/e I would make an appt with gp just to get things confirmed. Im sure you dont wont a rotten easter break. Especially when they say that its going to be extremely busy this w/e on the roads!

    take care of yourself and hope you feel better soon xxx
  • I had the tummy bug last week, throwing up, then little un got it and then of course him indoors got it 10 times worse.. anyway mine turns out to be morning sickness cos im pregnant again lol!
    have you thought about what ur eating.. last time i was pregnant if i ate oninons i felt terrible for ages after, although i never did before or after being pregnant. also orange juice used to set me off.. random but if u can eat then ur prob ok....
  • You know I'm beginning to think it is a variation on morning sickness and the tummy upset was caused by rising hormone levels (I googled this as it seems this can happen in pregnancy). I've had quite an queasy tummy today but managed to hold down quite a lot of food - I've also felt better after eating which is a morning sickness thing too. It's funny because on Tuesday the nausea I had disappeared - only to be replaced by this more unsettling version! I'm 9 weeks so I guess it would be at its worse now. x
  • PS congrats on your pregnancy birdintheattic! x
  • i had it for 8 days! could eat a little, then nothing then sick and the other end, finally went to the doctor who said they would test a sample if I still had it on the monday, sods law it was gone by then, but if it lasts any more than a week see the doctor and they should take a stool sample and see whats going on.
  • 3 of my kids have had it. went of food, all were sick once and had the squits for over a week!!

    hope you get well soon xx
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