spina bifida tests


i've got to go for spina bifida bloods next week, i'm scared because i started taking folic acid when i found out i was pregnant but not before (prob from about 5-6 weeks until now at 14 weeks)

does anyone know the risk factors/chances? we don't have any known history of it in our family, but cant help but worry :\(

really worried


  • Hi Hun

    Try not to worry. I didnt take folic acid before i was pregnant i only started about the same time as you and stopped at 12 weeks i am now 21+ 3 had the tests and i am low risk.

    Hope your tests go well hun.

  • hi, we never had the tests done as chances were so low and if they'd have come back as a risk i dont know whether i could have risked have an amnio incase i miscarried a health baby!
    think yr at risk if its in family already and the older u are the more risks there are
  • Am i getting mixed up wiv downs syndrome tests!!!!
  • Hi Faz, as long as you have taken your folic acid I am sure that things will be ok - Its difficult one as we have no history in our family and when I was pregnant 10 years ago no one told me about folic acid and I had a baby with spina bifida who was brain dead at 22 weeks but the father was in the army and had the gulf war injection and this was linked to problems with birth defects... I went on to have a child who was healthy and I didn't take the folic acid until week 4 as we didn't plan her and she is healthy - I am sure that your going to be fine - it is attached to age etc and history in the family - I think that we will worry about all of the tests that are out there - if the bloods come back with anything high risk they perform a scan so that they can see the issues so its the waiting game but try not to worry xxx
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