Sore - oof!

Hello - I'm looking for reassurance and a place to moan!

I'm 18 weeks today and my bump's really started to show in the past week. I get very low-down aches - not like period pain but more towards the front just above the pubic bone - and it sometimes feels like that whole area is a massive muscle that's tensing and I have no control over relaxing it. The whole area feels tired, rung-out and a bit sore.

Is this normal? It doesn't feel like the sharp ligament pain I've had earlier. I'm guessing it is and it's not the end of the world, so I'll stop carping... image Boo.

Does this ring any bells for you all?


  • Hi there this sounds to me like round ligament stretching, basically just everything moving, pushing and pulling to make room for baby! I had very similar pains and went to see my midwife as I was worried but apparently its all normall!
    Tammi x
    25+5 weeks
  • Cheers Tammi - that's reassured me anyhow... they never said it wasn't going to hurt eh?image
  • Tell me about it, no one mentions the heartburn or the trouble going to the loo either!!!!!! Sure it will be worth it in the end!
  • sorry to butt in guys but that is exactly what I have been feeling. Like a weight on my pelvic bone, it makes me waddle like a duck! and no I wish someone had told me it about the pain and disconfort - there was me thinking it would be a bit heavy and weeing lots! I wish!

  • hope that you feel better soon hun x
  • It can also be a strategically placed varicose vein! I have them all over and they can be in your bits as well - with the pressure of lo it can really really ache - if I stand for too long I get it really badly.

    Oh the joys.....x
  • Oh lordie Karen - that hadn't occurred to me!! The aches don't throb so I'm just going to bury my head in the sand on that frontimage) You laugh or you cry eh?
  • Haha I try to bury my head in the sand on that front as well - I've got some beautifully tight, warm and itchy compression stockings - mega thick and really lovely to look at!!!!

    My dh is completely banned from looking anywhere below my bump! Just as well we're banned from doing the biz cos he'd have to do the whole lot with his eyes closed!!!! LOL
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