HCG question

I have got to go and have my HCG levels checked on Monday and then again on Weds to check they are doubling from last nights test. Has anyone has this and can you tell me will I get the results instantly or will I have to wait for results?


  • hi sorry i've not had this so i really don't know how long the results take, but fingers crossed that when u do get ur results there doubling nicely for u and ur bean xx
  • Thanks siany, I am hoping so, she said my HCG levels yesterday were consistent with my stage of pregnancy which is good news.
  • Hi,
    I had this with my 2nd as hpt were coming up negative. I had 3 blood tests each 2 days apart. My gp's were really good and I got results the day after. But that is dependant I suppose on where you are. They double every 2 days if pregnant. You must be pregnant if you are having a 2nd test as anything under a 1 means a negative.

    Good luck and congratulations xx
  • Hi hun - depends on what time of day u have them...ive had them done on a few occasions as ive had 3mcs. I think if u have it early in the day the results can be back for teatime - but that all depends on when they send them to the lab....i have never had to wait more than 24hrs tho, even when ive had them taken in the aft ive been able to ring up 1st thing the next day for the results. My nurse always gave me a direct no for her too - so i could talk to her personally, hth......Fingers crossed for u hun that everything is ok xxxxx
  • Thanks everyone, thats helpful, I hope they come back the same day I am so impatient to know everything is ok.

    taffygirl, definately pregnant lol, I am either 4 or 5 weeks (AF date issues) and I had some bleeding yesterday that they are confident was just implantation but I have been referred to pregnancy support to have my HCG levels checked. They are checking them on Monday to make sure they have doubled since yesterday then again on Weds to check they double again.

    They were going to check them tomorrow but they close early and they didn't take them until 6pm yesterday and they said if they take them too early then the results will be inaccurate.
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