annoyed with midwife!!!

im really annoyed with my midwifes clinic!!!!

i had a appointment at 2.45 today im 31+1 btw and there was a few things that were bothering me that i wanted to talk to her about i was working today i work in a betting shop, i had to leave work in the middle of cheltenham!!! (busiest time of yr) my oh left work also so he could drive me there otherwise i wouldnt have a clue how to get there!!! so anyway we get there just in the nick of time and there is a note on the door saying closed due to flood!!! we were so pissed off!! so i knocked on the door and asked what i should do and the nurse said to call tommorrow and make an appointment for next week she then said how far r u so i told her and she said and r u ok?? have u got any problems?? this is in the middle of the street!! like im gonna start going well yeah actually this is wrong etc!!!
so we got back in the car to go and a big big pg wowan walked up and was looking at the door and was knocking but no-one was answering so i got back out the car and told her what i was told and she said but im 41 weeks pg and im due to give birth (she was actually a bit rude but i kinda understand), i just dont get y they didnt call the women to tell them instead of making them come all the way down there to be told to ring tommorrow?????

ok rant over!!!!


  • Think I would have been having a right strop!

    Hope you're feeling bit better today and can get an appointment soonx
  • perhaps the flood had happened recently like over night? and i bet they have lots of patients so it'd be difficult to phone every single one up, and they may not have all contact numbers? none the less sounds like an irritating wasted journey!!
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