Full of Cold

Yes its that time of year when bugs are flying around and I've now managed to catch this awful cold. My sinuses are blocked so I've had a constant headache, my throat feels like its got razor blades in it and I can't stop blowing my nose - How rubbish do I feel!!!
I'm sure many of you have suffered this too recently but just wondering if you were advised of anything you could take to ease the symtoms?
Its draining enough being pg let alone with this on top - I really don't want to move of my sofa all day!!


  • Thanks Sarah
    I think I'll have a soak in the bath and relax on the sofa for the rest of the day
  • Hiya

    I too have had this cold that seems to be doing the rounds. Had it for the last 2 weeks and just can't seem to shift the last few sniffles and tickles in my throat..grrr!

    I spoke to GP over the phone for advice on what to take (as I too felt v rubbish) and was told just to take paracetamol. Boots sell a cough mixture honey/lemon thing that you can take whilst pregnant so recommend that too.
  • Yeah me too!
    I seem to be over the worst of mine now though, just got a sore throat and a cough left. I couldn't sleep last night because of it, and had some hotwater with lemon and honey (I also put a t-spoon of whiskey in it - and feel very naughty) and it helped quite a lot,
    I am sure that if men had babies then there would be a lot more stuff out there that is safe to take in pregnancy.

    Hope you feel better soon.
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