IBS is ruling my life at the mo!! :(

hiya everyone, jus abit fed up today and wanted to get all my feelings off my chest! my IBS has flared up since finding out i'm pregnant, im 20 weeks tomoz, it stops me from going to work at least once a week, im worried my boss will think i'm faking!! I can't take anything for it as i'm with child! as any one else got his it just seems to be taking over my life that I havent been able to leave the house since fri!!! i go to docs and they jus gave me peppermint oil capsules which made me worse , anyway sorry to moan at ya girls but today its really got my goat, xx:cry:


  • Hun i feel your pain!!! I had IBS three years before i feel and being preg has made it soo bad.

    I wakeup without fail every single morning with the worse belly cramps and have an upset tummy. I have been fainting on the trains as well and this starts off with really bad cramps like I need the loo and then over heat I am not sure if i am panicking as i need the loo and am stuck on the train??

    I have not take anything for it just tried to be very careful with what i eat now. It's horrid and it's affects me day to day as well. Just wanted to let you know your not alone.

    K xx
  • Hi amyk,

    Just wanted to say you aren't alone. I've successfully managed to train mine into just one massive belly cramp just after I wake up so it's not been too bad but if I get remotely out of my routine I really struggle. We went up to see my DH's folks at the weekend and by golly did I struggle. Don't know if it was a change in water or the lack of yoghurts or what but it was awful. Back on track now though.
    I've never tried peppermint oil capsules. Are they supposed to work? I just eat A LOT of fibre and yoghurt and drink plenty of water.
    Hope you start to feel a bit better soon, can't believe you've been housebound since fri. I'd go bonkers! x
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