can anyone very quickly help a ttc girly pls?

hi i was wondering before you got your positive result on pregnancy test how much were you weeing? i mean im going about 14 times a day at mo. its not infection. no stinging, no pain , no fuzzy head (i know what they are like and im a nurse so well aware what to look for) when i go i do go its not like i feel i need to go and no action. its so annoying!! can anyone tell me what there were like with passing urine before they found out they were pregnant or early stages of pregnancy?
thank you x

edited to say. im on cd 22 out of 27

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  • thank you for re3plying moony, i do hope you are ok?
    we have had a friend here for a hour and i have been 3 times. he doesnt know we are ttc and hubby just keeps laughing at me.
    did you test early or did you wait til af was late?
    sorry for all the questions. this weeing business is driving me mad. i do hope i get a bfp but if i dont at least ill have an empty bladder :lol:
  • hi

    i was definately weeing loads more at the beginning, and even before my bfp, i didn't notice so much at the time tho but looking back now i definately did wee alot before my bfp, its calmed down quite alot now tho, altho at night i'm still going loads and often wake up a few times in the night too


  • during the early stages it felt like i lived on the toilet i was there that often x
  • Cant say I really noticed before my BFP but after I found that I needed to go constantly !! Even waking in the night which is something I never used to do.

    Then it wore off and now its back, only this time i'll be hopping with needing to go, rush off to the loo only for nothing to come out ! Very annoying !!
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