Is it possible??

Hey, im new to the fourm...

im 13 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby and im sure i can feel that familiar flutter of first movments, on one hand im sure thats what it is but on the other im not sure its possible at this stage??

what do you think ? x:\?:\?


  • hi there lisa!
    i am expecting baby no 3 and i am 16wks 2moz i av felt the odd flutter now and again so maybe it is the baby, i have heard that the more pregnancys u have the earlier u can feel the lo or summat, dont no if its true but i definatly felt this 1 earlier than my others!
    Take care
    Adele xxx

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  • Hi there i'm 16 weeks today and for the last couple of weeks i have felt flutterings. This is my second baby but with first it was around 19 weeks when i felt anything but this time i know what to look for and what is wind and what isn't lol. You may well be feeling bubs move it feels for me anyway like something gently rolling in my lower abdomen that is prob the only way i can describe it myself lol.

  • Yes its defo possible, this is my second baby and i felt flutterings and bubbles from around 12wks. I now understand why tho, because this baby doesnt keep still, im now nearly 26wks and my tummy is constantly on the move, it looks really freaky. Kerry xxx
  • Hi
    Yep i think its poss. This is my first and am sure i felt flutterings at about 12/13 weeks! Am now 27+2 and LO is very busy all the time!!!!!
    Sarah xx
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