Baby Movement

When does the little blighter start movin or can be felt in the body.


  • Its usually between 18 and 22 weeks with your first pregnany, but can be felt as early as 14 weeks with subsequent ones as you know what your looking for x
  • Hi there

    Everyones different, l didn't my feel my baby till l was 17 wks and this is my 1st preg. Is this ur first?They say it can happen anytime between 16-22 wks.

    Laura 20+1 xx
  • Your wife may be able to feel the baby moving inside her any time from about 16 weeks. A lot of women don't feel anything until about 18 - 20 weeks if it is their first or if they are super sporty with taught tummies. I could feel mine from about 16 weeks (its my first) - I could only feel it in when I was sitting or lying quietly in certain positions - it felt like a tiny vibration in my lower tummy. Some people descibe it as fluttering and some say it's like wind. This gradually got more noticeable until about 20 weeks - since then I have been able to feel more positive pushing and nudging movements and from about 22 weeks it's been kicking good and proper and hubby can easily feel it too now (I'm now 24+4). Some of the kicks only your wife will feel because they are on the inside but when the baby is pushing and kicking her tummy you will be able to feel and eventually see it!

  • I first felt movement at 19 weeks and it's my first. It can be anything from 14 to 22 weeks (but it's unlikely to be earlier than 16 weeks in a first pregnancy), we're all different.

  • i first felt mine moving at 17 weeks, like gentle taps or a weird rumble simlar to popping wind but you cant feel it on the outside. youl know when you feel it because its not like anything else. im 20 weeks now and there much stronger but no big kicks or jabs just yet! xxx
  • I'm 21 weeks and 4 days and still havent felt anything image
  • I felt my first move around 16 weeks and I was 14 weeks when i first felt this one move. But different women feel it at different times, a husband or partner would probably be able to feel it at 22 weeks plus.
  • I have felt movements from early on but real biggies started around 19-20weeks now 22weeks and I can see the Ninja booting me at night through my skin!
  • lol. I remember my daughter rolling from side to side when she got to about 35 weeks and it was so painful!
  • argh plenty of time yet my wife is 10+3. she has just stopped being sick touch wood.
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