Really lovely midwife made my week!

Hi girls,
Just thought i would share a good experience of a midwife, i know that many people say they can be a bit useless but mine was so lovely yesterday she deserves some praise.

I had my first booking in appointment yesterday and she did all the usual with questions etc and then said as i was only 11 weeks they don't listen for a heartbeat. Then i kind of said i would really like to hear it after a previous mc and bleeding with this one early one and she said she'd try with a doppler. Well she tried for ages and couldn't find it, even though she said it was only sometimes they could find it so early, i was obvioulsly a bit upset. So she asked a few more remaining questions and then seeing my face still a bit fallen and i think feeling sorry for my boyfriend who looked like he was in for a night of 'maybe there is nothing in there...' from me :lol: said she'd try again and to empty my bladder first to see if that helped. Lo and behold she found it and it was the best thing ever!! Bless her she stayed an hour extra unpaid and it was after 6pm (our app was 4pm!) when we left but we were so grateful and i'm still smiling this morning!!

Anyway, just wanted to share a good experience and such a nice lady!!! x


  • God thats so nice - i want your midwife, ours dont listen at all so i have never heard mine (other than what i think i found on my own doppler, i had a scan at 8 weeks & since then nothing (i am now 16 weeks). tell her i'll pay her - ha ha
  • i told mine yesterday at my booking appt that i wanted to get my own doppler and she said not to waste my money as you rarely get the sound and when you do its quality is very poor. She has said if i need to hear it later in my pregnancy she will do it for me as she has her own. image put my mind at ease
  • Wow that's great! My mw tried to hear it at my booking-in appt too, I was 10 weeks and she couldn't find it! It did worry me but she really reassured me too...She's also a complete man-hater (from what she said!) which is nice when you have a very rocky relationship! I think she's seen too many absent dads-to-be!
    Philippa 15+4 x x x
  • Aw you really do have a nice mw, staying behind unpaid you won't find many like that!!

    I also have a great mw, she is really helpfull and just plain old nice, everytime i go to my appts she lets me hear the heartbeat which is great, also she feels the lo position and tells me how he/she is measuring etc... I've got next appt on Tuesday and can't wait
    Karen 32 wks
  • thats nice..i had to beg the mw to try and find a heartbeat at 12 weeks and the only reason she gave in was cause I'd had an early scan and had my 12 week scan 2 days later!! Its such a relief isn't it?

    Crochetmom - I'd have to disagree with your mw on dopplers - I have an angel sounds one and its the best ??30 I ever spent!! Once we got used to it - we can 99.9% of the time find babys heartbeat - and now he's bigger we always find it - sure sometimes it was faint but it does depend on the position as to how clear it was. Been listening to baby since i was 14 weeks, I'm now 33 weeks and still like to use it most days to check up on baby... I'd have gone insane if I'd had to wait to listen between mw appointments, particularly in the earlier days. My mw didn't look too impressed when i said I'd got one but I just ignored her... it was for my own peace of mind and it worked image
  • Yeah I agree with Kia about the dopplers. Mine was only ??10 off Ebay but it's not too bad, the quality's not always brilliant to say the least but I can find baby pretty much every time since 13 weeks. The only trouble is, I don't think my baby likes it cos I only get the hb for a few minutes and it moves!
  • Glad your midwife is so nice, mine is absolutely lovely too and always puts my mind at rest and takes the time to explain things to me. She found my little ones heart beat at around 11 weeks as I had slight bleeding earlier and was still very nervous that something had gone wrong, despite having a scan at 9 weeks after the bleeding and seeing lo wriggling on the screen. Makes such a big difference as although they see lots of us paranoid pregnant ladies its all new to us and can be pretty scary at times!

    I didn't buy a doppler because I think I would have got a bit obsessed with it but I have heard loads of ladies that have got them and love the reassurance they give. I did start feeling the baby move fairly early at 15 weeks though so maybe if it had taken longer I would have been more tempted to get one!

    L xx
  • Hi

    I agree with Kia, especially after having had a mc in January I was very paranoid. I spent about ??55 on one from ebay and have never not been able to find baby's heartbeat - in fact my midwife used to struggle with hers to find the heartbeat and I used to have to show her where I would find it with mine!

    jamtart - your midwife sounds lovely!
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