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Assalaamu Wa'alaiykum Wr Wb Hello.... Im Amirah and Im a midwife and 11 weeks pregnant. Iv only been married for 5 months, so its all a bit of different life style right now. But Im so excited and cant wait. Im already wanting to go shopping, while my husband is telling me that Im not even 3 months yet and to wait untill Im further in the pregnancy. Lol. Its just so exciting..... So hopefully I can help everyone on the site and you guys can help me 2 (insha'allah). Its funny how now Im the one that is pregnant, I feel like I dont know anything and that being a mdiwfe doesnt really help. But mum says, I'm just being silly.... Lol!!!! Anyway, Im glad to have joined your chat site and hope to make some freinds, along with hsaring anything you guys need and anything you guys can help me with.

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