Oops - Just been putting cot together now i'm in pain

Hi everyone,

I'm so fe up with hubby being crap at putting things together that i decided i'd try and put the cot together today. I haven't got very far and didn't feel like I was over doing it at the time but i've just had t stop as i have a really quite intense pain the right hand side of my tummy. It kind of feels like a pulled muscle. Do you think its ok? I'm a bit worried but don't want to tell hubby yet cause he'll tell me off for attempting it in the first place.

Like i said it really didn't feel like i was overdoing it at all, most of the time i was trying to work out the instructions!!

Do i need to worry?!

Thank you,

Amy 35 weeks xxxxxxxx


  • i did this when i was 3 months i put together a double bed on my own i was in agony after and during but i needed to do it as oh was working until 9.30pm so unless i did it we were gonna sleep on the floor lol i was ok the next day tho
  • Hiya!!

    Yeah it sounds like a pulled muscle. I pulled my muscle at 30 weeks and it started my labour off but thankfully it was stopped with drugs.

    Just have a bit of a rest and if the pain gets worse or you start getting tightenings give the MW a call.

    And i know what you mean about lazy partners!! I'm moving house in 4 weeks and my partner needs to do up the new one so its ready for when we all move in. I best have my baby by then!!

    Lotsa Love

    Heather 38wks xx
  • How are you feeling now Febrary baby? Has the pain gone?
  • Hi everyone, thank you very much for your replies. The pain in my side has worn off now and just have some pains under my bump, probably just over did it a bit. I don't think i;ve done any damage as baby is still moving lots. I'll prob be back to normal tomorrow!!

    Thank you again, I really appreciate it xxxxxxxxx
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