i fell down the stairs! What a donut! UPDATE

HIya everyone...cant believe how silly i was. I was going down the stairs with a small basket of laundry and about five stairs from the top just stepped out! I didnt go'down' the stairs - i just landed on my bum at the bottom witha massive thud! It winded me so i just sat for a minute trying to breathe.It was scary so i called my husband who was home in 5 minutes and he sat with me for half an hour. My bump is fine, baby is moving etc but my poor cocix (sp) is killing. I already had sciatica!! lol!!! Everyone is saying to phone hospital but baby stuff all feels fine. Just wont be bending down for bit i think....I didnt believe in baby brain until now...! xxx

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  • oh Em, sorry to hear about your morning! A few years ago I fell down the stairs and scared myself stiff - even my next door neighbour heard me!

    I fell on my cocsyx (sp?) too and it killed for days - I eventually went to the docs and they did some tests and found I had broken some of the ltttle bones which comes off it! OUCH! it took ages to heal so I really hope you haven't done the same thing. I wasn't even pregnant then so god knows what will happen whilst I am - I'm a bit clumsy!

    Hope you're not in too much pain and that bump is fine too - look after yourself! xxx
  • poor you

    that bump is putting you off balance.lol

    I'm clumsy when I'm not pregnant, If you saw the way I slipped in the kitchen the other day you would have wet yourselves. oh said he didnt know I could do the splits lol
  • Well thanks for all your replies... MrsTakers, i am rhesus neg so i called assessment unit as back got really painful and wanted painkillers. They put me on the monitor, tested urine, blood pressure etc but had not lost blood no anti D needed! Wohoo! Got some dihydracodeine now so my bum can feel better. Perfect excuse never to do washing again!! xxx
  • Hi,

    Really glad you got checked and all's well. I hope you mend soon! xx
  • ahh. thank you niblet and saint bertie, xxx
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