Anyone had morning sickness come BACK after 17 weeks?

I've been feeling fine since about 12 weeks, and for the last 2 days have felt really sick. Could this be more morning sickness, or should it have gone now? If not, any ideas? I remember feeling like this when I had a urine infection ages ago, but don't seem to have any other symptoms of that.


  • my morning sickness stopped at 16 weeks and then came back about 2 weeks ago (am 37 wks now) i've got no symptoms of a urine infection but the midwife has sent off a sample anyway to double check so i would just mention it next time your in x
  • Hi my morning sickness stopped around 16 weeks then came back about 2 weeks later and only lasted 2 or 3 days and then went and every now and then it comes back and im 23 + 2 weeks.
    vikki xx
  • Just posted about this myself! I had sickness up until week 14 and now it's started again. I feel awful and it's been getting worse since week 22/23 (am now 25 weeks). I feel really yuck.
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