help please

just a quick question....

I could be anywhere between 5.5 weeks and 8.5 weeks and so far havent had any symptoms apart from sore boobs.

Does this mean that there could be soemthing wrong with the baby? Has anyone else had or having this??????

I am the worlds biggest worrier.......


  • i didnt have any symptoms until about week 10/11 so i wouldnt worry u maybe one of the lucky ones who dont throw up at all!!!!!!
  • and have you had your scan yet?
  • yes i have had a few im 24 weeks now!!!
  • its just my friend (who doesnt know i am preg) commented that she read that all the symptoms confirm that the hcg level are all fine and going up which is why you are sick. This made me think that somethin could be wrong my with levels and with the baby....
  • try not to worry some ppl r never sick all the way through
  • Can I just add.. I have been pg 5 times.. this will be my 3rd child..(im 30weeks).. and I had no symptoms at all, except sore bigger boobs in first few weeks.. never had sickness. Maybe bit more tired from about 8-12 weeks, but thats it.
    I wouldnt worry, not everyone gets symptoms, and all is fine.
    caz x
  • thanks guys. I am the worlds worst worrier and as it is my 1st i dont really know what to expect.....
  • lol my first two ended in m/c and at 8 and 10 weeks i never had anything this time round i dont think there is anything i havent had plus my sickness only left at 5 months !!!
  • did you have symtoms with you 1st 2.
  • nope although im dumb and my cycle is ll over the place and i didnt really know untill 6 weeks on the first which i lost at 10 weeks and the sec i found out at 7 weeks and it was all over at 8 weeks. hunni if you are taking it easy and resting then everything will be fine have you seen mw yet?/
  • I have been to the docs when I 1st found out and she told me I dont need to rest and that I should still be exercising as beofre I used to gym 5 times a week for over an hour a time, she told me I should still def be doing 3 x 30 mins low impact per week.
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