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my baby doesn't seem to be break dancing like it used to


for a while there it seemed like I had a break dancer inside me tum, but now all i get is the occasional 'doomph' and thats it....I miss the break dancing baby....

I've been setting deadlines for movement, before I phone the midwife to check everything is ok, and it usually gives me a swift boot 30mins before time is up, but at the same time, I'm slightly concerned, does anyone think it could coincide with the 3rd trimester, baby too big to move thing?

thanks for any help....I'm gettin a bit fretful now.....

faerie & Bean the ex-dancer xxxxx


  • how many weeks are you? my bump definately didnt move as much nearer the should speak to your midwife anyway -wont do any harm an will put your mind at rest meg
  • hi megmum....i'm 29weeks. It just seems really weird that its been bopping away and now it seems like a wee lethargic movement even when i give it a prod.... :\( maybe its a lazy wee thing like me image my mum said i didnt move much in utero, but i know everyone is different and if the bean takes after its daddy, then it should be going constantly! will give midwife-y a wee phone the noo....ta muchly.
  • hi megmum....just got off phone to midwife and i'm off into hospital fr a wee check, I'd forgotten the whole 10 movements a day thing...I'm only getting 1 or 2...wish me luck!

  • Try not to worry, I bet it is because there is less and less space in your tum! Let us know how it goes at the hosp.
  • hi fairie, all the best girl, bet hes going to be a placid, laid back kind of guy! let us know ok hun, meg
  • not long back and everything is fine (phew) however the wee bugger started break dancing about 5 mins after I got hooked up on the machine, just to prove me wrong!!!!'ll get a row when it pops oot... :lol:

  • Did they hear him laughing on the monitor as well?!? So pleased to hear that every tjhing is OK. xx
  • Aren't they annoying little things! Mine used to have Thursdays off after I went to aquanatal but would even take an hour or so to get started once I'd zoomed myself to hospital to get things checked out! Glad everything is OK x x x
  • hi fairie, thank god for that! they get you every time the little **!*!!??*, when i went into labour i hung on at home from 10pm until 4am, knowing we had an hour drive to hosp i thought we'd better head off when pains were 2-3 mins apart with hubby panicking (im a midwife so didn't want to disgrace myself and arrive there to find i hadn't even dilated a millimetre!), anyway you guessed it, from almost panting in the car with pains every minute, as soon as they stuck me in bed with a monitor on everything stopped! i could have cried with embarrasment. just shows you even midwives do it cos the little bundles of joy are already practicing to show you up every chance they get for the rest of their lives. great new for you. see ya. meg
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