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I'm pregnant, 2 months after METHOTREXATE. Help!

I'm pregnant, 2 months after Methotrexate (to treat an ectopic pregnancy) is there any hope for my baby? Please help 

I had the methotrexate shot on 7th October after my second EP  (The 1st ectopic took my right tube)  My HCG were at 0 on the 1st November And my pregnancy dates from the 10th December.  I'm currently 5 weeks.  Had my first HCG of only 85 at 4wk, 3 days. 

The hospital have told me I should wait 3-6 months to TTC after this folic acid depleating drug.  But I'm accidental pregnant at just 2 months after.  I'm beside myself with worry for my baby's safety and health. I'm desperate for any hope stories that might be out there.. there are hardly any studies online.



  • Dont panic HarperD - have you been taking folic acid? The way I look at it is that our mums never took folic acid supplements and we're ok.

    I had an ectopic in July treated with MTX and I conceived first month of trying after 3 months off. I am currently 15 weeks pregnant & everything is ok with baby. 

    From what I read methotrexate leaves the body very quickly, it's just the folate that takes the time to build up. Women fall pregnant all the time when they're not taking folic acid so I'm sure everything will be fine with your little one. Congratulations! x

  • I’m have been taking methotrexate for RA. It was always supposed to be short term to help my condition. I stopped taking it by choice in around October last year as it is preventing my broken ankle wound from healIng! I now know I’m pregnant and was worried that it hasn’t left my system and this could affect my pregnancy! 

  • Hello, omg! I am in the same boat. Maybe even worse! Please tell me how your pregnancy is going today? Thank you!

  • I’ve come across this old post and really looking to hear positive testimonies of conceiving after MTX treated ectopic pregnancies. I don’t seem to find any. I am mainly coming across surgery related ectopic success stories. 
  • Hi I Have a methotrexate Injection 2 Months Ago To Treat Ectopic & I Have Got Pregnant Before The 3 Months. It’s Only Been 2 😢 I’m At The Hospital Next Week For a Scan To Make Sure It’s Ectopic Again But I Don’t Know To Do. I Really Don’t Know What To Do As It’s All My Fault But Didn’t Think It’s Get Pregnant So Easy As Have PCOS & Took Me a Year Of Trying Which Ended In An Ectopic 😢 What Are The Chances Of Everything Being Okay & Not Having Problems 😢 I Don’t Know What To Do. I Don’t 2 Give My Baby Problems Cause Iv Been Carless & Waiting Till 20 Weeks Isn’t Fair As It’s a Fully Grown Baby 😢 I’m Only About 3 Weeks Atm & Feel If It’s Not Okay Nows The Time To Act But What If It’s Okay & I Think It’s Not 😢
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