Constipation !!! (Sorry if TMI)


I am really constipated and have been for a couple of days which is giving me really bad stomache ache. Is this normal as I never had it wilth my 1st baby. I am only 4weeks + 3.




  • Hiya, I'm also a bit constipated and bloated and I am at 4 +1!

    This is my first so can't say whether normal or not. I hope so.
  • unfortunately ladies it's very normal!!! i have been suffering like urselves pretty much since i became pregnant (i'm 19+1). there really isnt much you can do unless ur really really uncomfortable and ur dr or mw will probably recomend lactulose, thou that doesn't make u go, just softens the stools making it easier when u do go!!! i'd say eat a bit more fibre rich food and hope that this works 4 u both!!! sorry i couldn't be more help!!!
  • Yeah it's a common symptom, I've been suffering! liquorice has been my saviour, my dad told me it's a natural laxative so I bought some liquorice twists and have been having 5 per day - I don't relish the taste but it's worth it as it's really helped (you can also get natural liquorice root fromhealth food shops)

    Eating lots of fruit (apples,pears, prunes) really helps,and not too much bread/eggs.

    Plus you could try lactulose from the chemist! Hope you feel better soon.

    11 weeks today
  • whatevr you do dont ignore the fact you cant 'go', ask your dr or mw for lactalose its completly safe if it doesnt work go back for something else, stick to a high fibre diet too plenty of bran is good, also warm prune juice drink plenty of fluids too, i had it a while back now and i was in agony cos i ignored it i was phoning nhs direct in agony and in tears it can get bad

    chloe 18+5
  • Sympathise hun, it can be horrid. Make sure you drink lots. Water and fruit juice (orange works for me). Keep as active as possible. Mine can get really bad as I have sickness still so get dehydrated.
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