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Hi Debs Have just read one of your posts and am glad you have cut a day at work its not going to make pain any better but at least it will give you chance to rest if you need it! There is a post for you on page 2 was talking to a girl called Lara at weekend and she has spd sh was wondering what her options are regarding a c section i told her about my visit to consultant but told her it might be worthchatting to you as you have much less mobility to me and you are booked in for c section (well i think you are arnt you ?) Sheis going to see a consultant this morning so may be on later. Well its a beautifull day so i think i need to get out my dressing gown and go to shops or something otherwise ill eat the entire contents of my fridge. On my home page it says Kelly 2 days till your babys birth I cant beleive it, in fact i spend most of the day returning texts or phone calls of people asking if baby is on its way!! Take it easy chick x


  • OMG OMG OMG OGM 2 days till they are due how exciting lol as for Csection i'm waitning to speak to midwife about it not booked in yet lol want one as don't think i'll cope with pain i'm in now asthma and SPD with sciatics image( you know in all the time we bin chatting i didn't even kmnow your name hahaha sods law.... gotta give me you number so you can let me know hwen you have lo soooo excited for you lol mine is shifting and moving a lot now feels like my centre of gravity has shifted lol wierd! . will look on page 2 and see if i can see the message. can't wait till mine is here lol i still got 118 weeks till due date image
  • I know it is exciting i still cant imagine what its going to be like in a few days! Have just read a birth story on labour and birth forum and a girl had an horrendous birth which kind of scared me but her spd disapeared when she gave birth. how lovely will that be!!!!!!!!! I went to my works christmas party last night which was great catching up with all the girls, and they did not stop fussing overme. My oh couldnt beleive it, he said they will change the subject for 5 minutes and then there back to talking about the baby again!!!! Its funny though becouse i could never be accussed of being a baby bore as they are all far worse than me. I have to say that is one of the nicest things about being pregnant,every one fusses over you. I feel quite sorry for my oh sometimes as my phone is going all the time with people asking how i am and how babs is. Mind you he has just rangto say he is on his way home, his boss said try and spend as much time as you can with kelly this week as she is going to need you!!!!! They are so lovely. So im excited now cus he is coming home. Its wierd cus i thought membrane sweep would work and sprog would be out by now, so didnt think or want him to go to work today. As much as this baby is desperately wanted its a wee bit sad knowing after 8 years it willnever be just the two of us again. HORMONES i think ill be moaning about him again tomoro!! Ha Ha! Whens your 20 week scan babe it must be soon!!
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