Blood results just in - what do they mean?

Just called to get results before skiing and I am:
For age, 1 in 990
For individual calculation which is bloods and measurement at 12 week scan, 1 in 1800
I know they are both low risk but thought individual should be more like 1 in 5000?
And for age, I am only early 29 and 1 in 990 seems sort of high?
What was everyone else?
Am a bit worried now!!


  • hi is this the downs and spina bifida bloods if it is my personal chance is 1 in 800 and the other just says low on my letter im 27
    claire x
  • The age risk is right, I'm 28 and the background risk for that was 1/1028. So 1/990 for 29 sounds right to me. As for the adjusted risk, that really varies a lot depending on your baby's measurements combined with the blood test. But basically it's good!

    1) Your 1/1800 risk decreased from the background risk for your age group
    2) Your individual risk is smaller than the threshold used to say "high risk" (1/150 - 1/250 depending on which doctor you talk to!)

    So you should relax and be happy!
  • Thanks Ladies - guess I hadn't thought about it much but subconciously had thought it would be a larger number, but all good now! xx
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