Ladies can I ask you an early pg question please???

Hi Lovely Ladies!

I'm on the ttc board!

This is my first month ttc - and I'm due on the 7th - wednesday. I'm not sure if I'm pg - I thought I was up until I did a first responce test yesterday and it was negative - I know it was early to test but thought it would have picked it up!

I have also been having symptoms - but kept them to myself - not even mentioned on the ttc board - as was not trying to get my hopes up. Since last monday - I have been having motion sickness - when standing still or sitting down etc. And like friday night we went out for a pizza and as soon as it was infront of me felt sick and kept burping. Thats another of my sysmptoms - wind I've had a lot of it - and I'm not normally like that - but it has been a week now! I have no appetite what so ever - and I normally love food and love thinking about what to eat - and at the moment it just seems like a big struggle to even put the kettle on let alone cook!

Is it all in my head do you think? Did any of you get a BFN before a BFP? And did any of you have motion sickness sort of nausea before your a/f? Because I didn't think morning sickness happened until week 6!

I'm so confused about it all - and just think that I'm not pg because of the test - but then what could the sickness and wind be related to? Maybe I should see a doctor???

Thanks for reading this and I'll be grateful for any help on this matter.






  • I did a test on the saturday which came up negative and then again on the monday which then came up positive. I was due on on the monday so maybe u wud b best waiting until wednesday to do another test. When it comes to looking at pregnancy symtoms I think the only true way of knowing your pregnant is a positive test as I'm six weeks with my second baby I haven't/didn't have any symtoms at all. Good luck, keep us informed k x
  • Thanks Lynne,
    No I'm not trying to convince myself I'm pregnant - I've thought I was before months ago because had cramps for days and no a/f - but then I was just off the pill and it was all just coming out of my system - it just sort of felt weird feeling this motion sickness but not actually travelling!!!!
    Maybe I just ate something dodgey! Thanks though lynne - you've given me a small ray of hope! I guess it's not over until my a/f arrives!
  • Thanks Kerry!
    This has put me at ease a bit! I was ready to go out this evening and have a good bottle of wine and just write this month off as not successful! But I'll wait until Wednesday!!!
    Thanks girls - the waiting game does play horrible mind tricks! Doesn't help that my oh thinks I'm pg and thinks I'm getting symptoms even though I'm trying to hide them from him!!!
    Roll on Wednesday!
  • It will drag from now until wednesday and you will still probably do tests in between (I know i did with my first), just try and keep occupied with non baby thoughts and activities (easier said than done!) Good luck! k x
  • Hi Mummywannabe,

    Don't want to get your hopes up too much but the symptoms you describe were exactly what I had. I didn't suffer from bad morning sickness during early pregnancy but I did have a terrible sense of motion sickness even when I wasn't travelling. I also found I had little bumpy spots on my forehead which I didn't normally get, we had just been camping for a week and put it down to the fact I probably hadn't been cleansing my skin as well as normal!!
    I tested with clearblue when I was one day late and got a negative. I waited four days and tested again and got a positive straight away! It was our first month ttc so I really didn't think I would have fallen pregnant so quickly so I was very shocked!!

    Good luck hun, and let us know how you get on.

    Liz xx 32+2
  • Hi LizB,
    Yeah I have spots too! Seems everyday I get another one!!! I do have small bumps on my forhead - I put it down to diet and not drinking enough water - even though I drink quite a bit of water and herbal tea at work!
    I will wait until wednesday to test - and see what happens over the next few days!
  • hey mummywanna be. i havn't been in the same boat but i know some ladies on here have had morning sickness very early, litterally days after conception, ill be thinking of you and will be checking to see if you have posted any news. best of luck hun! keep us informed!!
  • Thanks Kiea thats really kind! I really hope it is but don't want to get my hopes up - not had any sickness today! Only three more sleeps until period is due!!! I feel like I'm waiting for!!! So far so good - not had any a/f pains - I'm keeping my fingers crossed I don't get any!
    Thanks to all of you for you're help you've given me some hope - roll on wednesday!

  • dont be alarmed if you do get some period type pains as i had them up until i was about 9 weeks so as well as not getting your hopes up if yu get pain dont let it dishearten you. i was having periods pains for 2 weeks with nothing hapening thats how i knew summit was up. what does a/f mean or am i being a dumby?
  • I was 2 days late and did a home test which was negative then the day after at hospital (sent there coz doc thought I had a hernia) was told I was pregnant! Different tests, etc can make a difference so dont get too downhearted. Dont want to build your hopes up but looking back a couple of weeks I did have symptoms very similar to yours, spots, wind, bad taste in mouth, sore boobs, feeling sick, pains in abdo! Still the doc (and me) didnt suspect me being pregnant!!!!
  • Hi Mummywannabe, I had very similar signs to you before my period was due this time round, so much so that when I did do a test I just showed it to my husband and said 'I told you I was pregnant'. Even the early tests don't promise a positive result before your period is due, I think that they say that 4 days early only 20% of pregnant women will get a positive result and then this rises every day so I would definately keep your fingers crossed for now.
  • Thanks ladies!
    Kiea - a/f is Aunt Flow - your period it's a ttc term we use on the other board.
    Oldermum - I have spots on my neck and a few on my back - and quite a few small ones one my shoulders! I have abdo pains from the wind. I don't have sort boobs - I did have a couple of days with a few sort of pains in them - but not sore to touch! I do get a bad taste in my mouth - it's worse in the morning - doesn't matter what I ate the night before I get the "bottom of a birdcage" mouth - I'd understand it if I'd been out drinking but I haven't!!!
    I also have continued to get white cervial mucus (sorry if tmi) where as last month I was drying up a few days before my a/f.
    Thanks to Kerry too! I'm glad others have had similar symptons - I was starting to rack my brains thinking - what else could these symptoms be - inner ear infection or food poisoning??? So you girls have madde me feel so much better!
    Thank you! I will keep you posted and as soon as I know I'll let you know!

  • Hi Ladies,
    Boobs getting sore today - woke up with them like it! Have eased off during the day! And I've had a few light/dull cramps today! I have also had quite a day with motion sickness too - when had lunch - sausage and mash - as soon as it was infront of me - I was really bad but had to start eating before anyone noticed!
    But I don't know if it's anxiety - I am due tomorrow - so maybe it's me getting excited/scared and making it all happen in my head!
    I am going to test tomorrow morning but I'm scared that I'm gonna get a NEGATIVE!!! I've had to try really hard not to test today!!!
    Well if it's negative I guess there's alway next!!!
  • Don't get to wrapped up if it is a negitive tho coz many women r different, sum will get a poisitive before they r due on and sum dnt get it til they r a gud few days late. Gud luck, hope all goes well keep us posted. k x
  • NEGATIVE!!!! Gutted - I was convinced I was!!!!
    I guess the motion sickness was my body playing tricks on me!
    Thanks for all your support! Guess I won't be on these boards for another month or two yet!
  • Hi ya hun

    Did you say your af is due today? Some woment don't get a positive result for atleast a week after AF is due depends on your hormone levels.Maybe if your AF doesn't show upyou could test again friday or saturday as your hormones are supposed to double every 48 hours when you are pregnant.

    good luck hun dont give up all hope just yet.
    charlie x 22weeks today
  • Hi Mummywannabe, sorry it was negative but remember it isn't definate untill AF turns up so I'll keep my fingers crossed ofr you just in case!
  • Hi girls!
    Thanks for your kind words - a day at work and a couple of chocolate bars later I'm feeling!!!
    I've been for my reflexology session this evening and after she'd finished she said - she's sorry she couldn't tell me any news either way positive or negative - but it doesn't feel like I'm going to come on any time soon! She's told me to wait 4 or 5 days and test again if a/f doesn't arrive. She's only sorry she can't tell!
    Well thats good I suppose - I guess I have a longer cycle than I thought. I guess 28 days because last month was my first period in 21 weeks after coming off the pill - so maybe I have a 32 day cycle???
    I'll wait until day 32 and then see how I feel - will resist testing!!!!!!
    Thanks you guys - you're kind words help! Will keep you posted!
  • Sorry to hear bout your -ve result, but it doesn't necessarily mean ur not. Try to stay +ve bout the hole thing as stress n anxiety doesn't help wen ur trying to conceive, hope it all works out 4 u, gud luk! Kerry X
  • Thanks Kerry!
    Still no sign of a/f at the moment! Had a couple of light cramps monday but nothing since! Boobs hurt a little in the morning when wake but ease through out the day!
    Still having cm - sorry if tmi! So I know a/f not due just yet - I'm thinking it must be due sunday or monday! I'll keep you posted! I'm going into town tomorrow I will try and resist buying another!!!

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