keep coughing

hi im 23 weeks pregnant and all i do is cough i cough so much im making myself gag im going to see midwife on friday but just wondered if anybody else knows anything about it


  • I dont know hun sorry-ive had this slightly, Ive made myself sick coughing a few times, but its not constant. I do have a bad throat though, going to the doctors tomorrow to get it checked out-well the nurse.
    Was fuming though-Im really having trouble with my throat-its been going on for over a month now, sometimes its unbearable-I was up and down for drinks most of last night and when I rang for my appointment at first the receptionist wouldnt let me have one without talking to the nurse and then the nurse turned round asked me what it was like and said ''well it doesnt sound like tonsillitis'' she kept quite then, I didnt say anything but I was like gah-I didnt say it was, I just wanna know what it is.
    She decided finally that maybe I should have an appointment so they can look at me. No wonder people dont like making doctors appointments anymore;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • my throat is like that its really getting on my nerves people look at you funny when you start coughing in the street then look like your going to throw up.
    ive got to book appointments a good month in advance to see my midwife its stupid you wood thinkthey wood have more midwifes.
  • Yeah-my midwife only works part time and the amount of times Ive booked an appointment and they've made me book another because she's cancelled is unbelievable. Ive been to the midwives 4 times and 2 of those times I had a midwife from somewhere else because she was on holiday...which I dont mind but then when they tell you to book in for 4 weeks time and you get told it will have to be 5 or 6 weeks because she's away that day it gets a bit frustrating.
    Yeah its not very nice, ill let you know how I get on with the nurse tomorrow although Im not holding out for much. You could try ringing the docs to speak to someone (Ive been quite naughty when Ive been pregnant-Ive found the emergancy docs much more helpful then the midwife and my own so I have got into the habbit of waiting till the docs are closed then ringing them for advice) but you could always see if theres a nurse available at your gps to have a quick chat to xxx;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • hope it goes well for tomorrow and they can find out whats wrong with your throat its my fella that gets worried its his first baby so he is on tenter hooks where its my third and i can feel the baby move anytime i try to relax so in my mind everything is going well its just the cough is really annoying
  • Hi Claire
    I've had the same thing since december, just can't shake it off, I have never mentioned it coz I had other medical problems and felt silly keeping adding to the list but it ius very unbearable at times to the extent that you make yourself sick. Let me know how you get on coz I'd be interested to know also. Seeing midwife next week so might finally mention it then as chest is starting to get very achy.
    Em x
  • ive had mine since i found out i was pregnant in jan ive not seen anybody about it till now cos its really annoying but fella keeps saying its not right but i dont like to make a fuss
  • I went to the docs today-well the nurse, she's under the impression its actually heartburn. Although I havent tried the medicine yet so I dont know if it'll work. Plus with yours being more of a cough then mine its possible that its something completely differnt anyway...just thought id let you know how I got on anyway.;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • thanks for letting me know hopefully they have found out what ours is im going tomorrow to themidwife so hopefully ill get an answer of some sort
  • Have you recently stopped smoking?? i did as soon as i found out i was pg and couldnt understand why i got a cough AFTER id stooped. its because the insuide of your throat is covered with lots of hairs that do a similar job to nostril hair and these are damaged when smoking and lay flat. when you stop they start springing back to life hence the tickle. hope this helped if it was relevant. plus it doesnt last long image
  • I had this for the last 4 months of my pregnancy. Like Lara says it was something to do with muscles relaxing ready for birth. I had my Godson's Christening and a wedding to go to 6 and 7 weeks before my due date and I barked my way through both services nearly barfing with it! Don't think I was such a popular guest!!!!
  • I've been coughing loads too, and my chest has been really bad, and I've been really breathless, but I thought it was my asthma playing up. I ahve been having really bad heartburn though, so maybe it is all related? My midwife told me to go to the doc if the breathlessness got any worse, so I rang yesterday to make an appointment, and will see him next Wednesday. I did think it might be quicker seeing the practise nurse, but I couldn't see her until 5th JUNE!!!! Crazy!
  • ive not smoked for 9 years since i fell pregnant with my first child i went to the midwife on friday and ive bin told its something to do with the baby pushing up on my diaphram and not having a lot of space for my lungs and it should all clear up after ive had the baby x
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