i had the most awful dream ever last night,
i dreamt that i lost my baby, but not like a mmc i dreamt that i gave birth and some body ran away with my lo! i woke up cryin my eyes out it was so scary!
has any body else had really wierd dreams??;\)


  • Yes - I've had allsorts. One's where I've lost the baby, ones where I'm not pregnant at all, extremely!!!!! sexual ones we're talking xxx rated! and then just totally bizzare ones like I'm on a mind altering drug! Try not to let it upset you hun, xxx
  • i ahve had some really odd dreams lately i dreamt i had imagined my own pregnancy and ppl were shouting at me also i had a dream i alone giving birth in my bathroom scary! i have been having other dreams too which are quite sexual lol v.strange lol xx
  • b4 i found out i was pregnant had 3 dreams with the same lil girl and in one deream it was the lil girl and a lil boy (twins) the lil boy was poorly in hospital on tubes and i knew he was dying. the lil girl took my hand and lead me from the room whilst walking with her i realised she had taken me from the hurt of watching my son die... It was sad but i felt at peace. recently thought i have been having VERY vivid dreams... i dreamt my lift text me saying she couldn't pick me up as she was going to spain (she's spanish) andthe other day i could have sworn i heard the door being kncoked so i woke OH up to go check it out lol... some1 told me iot was my lil one telling me i'm still here mommy i reckon they shouldn't knock so loud lmao!
  • I've been having really awful dreams and some xxx ones too!
    A few months ago, I dreamt that I was kidnapped and cut my baby out of me. It felt so real and was shaken up for the rest of the day!!
    I had lots of xxx ones at the beginning of my pregnancy, not always about my hubby! Oops, don't know what all thats about!

    Amy 28weeks xx
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