we'd love your help please... with a boy's name...

Were looking for something solid and traditional - something fairly normal but not overly common - i'm more open to names but OH lol is a fuss pot! So was thinking I could have some names prepared with the help of you lovely ladies?

pretty please with cherries on top lol!

Here is what we sort of like/ish..

Adam - although is it a little boring?
Aaran - lol not Aaron but Aaran
Anthony - although is an ex's name Oops! not really appropriate!
Alfie - but every second child is called it!
Daniel - which I really like but my cousin just called his child that.. does it matter?
Nathan - although it's his ex's child's name - not his but I still feel funny re-using it!
Charlie - but same as Alfie every second child is called it!
Thomas - my farther's name - lol strained relationship (not seen him in years)
William - I like Will for short but OH likes Billy - can't quite agree on it!
Jonny - but a friend said why are you naming your child after a condom :lol:
Shaun - I like it but name of OH's mate bit of bravado can't name YOUR child after you mate :lol:
Robert - " " " " "
Harry - not sure
Jack - i like it
Jake - OH likes it
Luke - I like it but his nephew is called it
Jamie - ditto

oh I go to sleep with names ratteling around in my head :roll: - have read baby naming books, and got some more to go through - read credits on films, programmes ect...

lol got visions of this child going nameless! or me giving in under the influence of drugs (lol the pain relief)

Can someone help... you can see the sort of names were intrested in... haha prob find one that we love and it will have an awful meaning if you look it up! lol ;\)

lol just wondering if you had any bright ideas? or alternatives to how you found your names? xxx image xxx



  • If we have a boy its William James or James William, depends!

    We also like Oliver, Jack, Harry, Lewis, Juan, Sam & Jacob
  • My little one is Owen Thomas. And theres absolutely no welsh is our family just 2 names we both happened to like. Will def be stuck this time though if its a boy again.
    Filo x
  • If we have a boy we are calling him Owen. We decided it was nice and normal but not too common. I have no other names picked for a boy, as soon as oh suggested it we knew it was the right one
  • Just read your post filo - we have picked Owen Thomas!! No welsh in our family either (that we know of anyway)
  • We like Jack, Charlie, Samuel, Dylan and Archie (although this is mil's cat's name!), if it's a boy middle name will be James. I also like Lewis and Callum, but sis has already used these names! It's so hard choosing and we keep finding new ones that we like so the list jst keeps gettin longer! Good luck choosin!
  • Hiya

    I've copied your list and will tell you how mnay of each of these names I have in the 4 classes in the infants part of my school at the mo! Might give you an idea of how popular they are.

    Adam - 1 Adam out of the four classes in my infant school
    Aaran - 1
    Anthony - 1
    Alfie - 1
    Daniel - 2
    Nathan - 0
    Charlie - 0
    Thomas - 0
    William - 0
    Jonny - 0
    Shaun - 0
    Robert - 0
    Harry - 1
    Jack - 0
    Jake - 0
    Luke - 0
    Jamie - 0

    The parents at my school seem to go for more unusual names rather than traditional. Don't know if this has been helpful or not!

  • We called our little boy Brendan Markus, Brendan after my hubbies grandfather.

    Of the names you have listed I really like Jack and Jake, I have heard Harry a lot on here so it may end up being a bit of an overly popular one. William is also nice and there is nothing wrong with you and your oh having your own nicknames for him from that.

    Have fun choosing! It may be once he is born a name just comes to you so don't worry too much! x
  • how bout George?? i love jack , Thomas and danny. i love joey too.
  • My LO is called Ellis Samuel.

    Have you tried the http://www.bounty.com/babynames/ website, I found this very useful when looking for my LO's name.

    Good luck, there is so many to choose from!
  • I like Jake best from your list, not keen on Adam but I like all of the rest. Jack is pretty popular as well, think it has been the most popular name registered for the last few years. We are keeping it a secret but our lo is going to be Barnaby Jaxon
  • You probably already know - I have 2 boys called Keiran Patrick and Oliver William! My 3rd arriving in June will be Thomas Michael James!

    Good luck with choosing

    Love Lee
  • Hi there we are struggling with names too. Think we have finally settled on Talia for a girl but boys we are still pondering the following:
    Ashton, Bryce & Brayden.
    Good luck, Tammi xxx

  • Hi we found out yesterday we are having a boy too! I'm so excited we already have a girl Erin who is 8mnths. Names we like so far are....
    *Kane (as my name is Katie and oh's is Wayne)
    *Percy (but surname is Pearson so Percy Pearson doesnt sound too good!!!)
    FAO: MKT86 and filobabe... our nephew is called Owen Thomas and there is no welsh in our family either!
  • Stephen is a top quality name (from personal experience)
    Our boy is gonna be Jamie
  • jake is my number one!!!! love dylan/dillon and Jamie, but my ex husband and i were going to have James if we ever had a boy (thank the good lord i got away from him! lol) so I think Jamie would be too close and bit freaky.. also love lewis, joe, and owen but other friends have used them!!
  • For a girl we had decided Olivia Katelyn so were keeping Olivia (Oliver) for that - lol if we ever have one... we decided that name sooo easy and turns out were having a boy!
    Little 1 - Stephen is my OH's brother and Jamie is his son! lol
    Quite liking Finley... lol i'll suggest it to OH when he gets home from work...

    and will Defo have a look on the www.bounty.com/babynames/ website

    funny how you connect names and how you feel about them to people you know isinit?

    lol I can see our list getting longer and longer! but much better than having none at all! x
  • I connect names to children I've taught! If it was a not so pleasant child I can't have that name. It seems to apply to a lot of boys names that hubby suggests!

    We are sorted if it's a boy but not if it's a girl! I'll probably be on here once baby is born if it's a girl asking you all for advice on names!
  • i think jake and lewis r nice names.

    our boys have biblical names first, then their middle names are after family members.
    we've got
    James Frederic Henry (iv always called him J) and
    Isaac-Elijah William (I only call him by Isaac)
    this next 1 will probably be Malachi but not got any middle names yet.
    Most people dont like the names we pick but they are special and personal to us.


  • Hi,
    My boys are Charlie Isaac (going against the 2nd name rule!) and Alfie Benjamin (fitting the 2nd name rule perfectly!). Had Gracie had dangly bits she'd have been Harry Thomas, after both my grandads.
    I love the name Ben, but my surname's Owen so he'd have BO for initials!

    Tbh, we had a list of 8 name concoctions when pg with Charlie and when he was born, we knew he was a Charlie. With Alfie we had 3 names (Alfie not included!) and he wasn't any of them so Alfie just came to us when he was 1/2 hour old!
    Charlie chose Gracie's name which we loved so no sleepless nights there!
    Happy choosing! x
  • Hi my oh likes Gibson Michael but I like Fraser and we keep thinking of new ones all the time. My friend is gonna call her little boy Riley which I think is fab. Im also from a big family (im the youngest of 69 cousins) new names are hard to come by. Thanks for that address for names I'll be checking it out.
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