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Odd Scan dates - any ideas??

Hi everyone. I've only just found this website.

I'm a bit worried, I should be 11+2 today.

I had an early dating scan as I had a urine infection. It put me at 9 weeks exactly - 2 days ahead of my EDD given to me by my midwife, based upon my LMP. That was all fine.

Then when I was 10+5 I had to go for another scan as I'd had some brown spotting. Again the baby was fine. The midwife just said to me that the baby had some good growth since last time. Then she gave me a photo which clearly measured me at 11 weeks exactly. Again 2 days ahead of what I should have been. Now I'm really worried about what is causing it to be growing larger than it should. It looked to be just as accuratly measured as last time. Any ideas. I'm so worried about downs and other abnormalities.

Thanks. xx


  • Hi.... to start with - congrats on being pregnant....I'm not an expert but I'm sure you've got nothing to worry about... I've had 4 scans so far in this pregnancy and none of them have given exactly the same EDD as any of the others. Babies don't always have a completely steady rate of growth (well none of mine seemed to have had!)

    If you're worried I'd contact your midwife just to check - in my area there is a advice line run by m/ws - do you have anything like that? If not book an appointment - M/ws are there to help and she can prob put your mind at ease.

    Take it easy and try not to worry - you need to enjoy being pregnant - easier said than done I know but I'm sure you and your baby will be fine.

    Em x
  • If it's only a couple of days different then try not to worry- even though scans are quite accurate they can be a few days wrong each way. It doesn't sound like the baby is massive for your dates so try not to get too concerned about it but if you feel really worried give your midwife or doc a ring. xxx
  • I've had 2 early scans too and when I was 6+5 they put me at 6+1...And then at 8+5 they put me at 9+1. I've read that every baby grows at different rates, even before they're born. I didn't know that could mean a risk of Down's - you've scared me now! Lol. But when I was at the scan, they never mentioned anything.

    I agree with the others, talk to ur midwife if ur worried but I'm sure she'll put your mind at rest - it's very worrying having a baby! xxx
  • Also as an example, my bf's sister was born prematurely at 1lb something, at 29 weeks. And I heard someone who had twins lately at around that time and they were both about 4lbs. So...very different! xxx
  • Babies all grow at different rates. They have growth spurts then slow times it's not always steady. The first scan I had put me a little behind were I thought I should be but my 20 weeks scan measured me where I thought I would have been first time round. Baby will grow at it's own speed image
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