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I know this has been asked a million times, but I am 24+2 and desperate to see my little one again so going to book a 4D scan in next few weeks after the expence of xmas is out of the way. When is the best time to have one? The website says 26-32 weeks, but what is the best week to see the most, as it's costing alot of money I want to make the most of it and get really good pictures. xxxxxx

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  • I was told (by the scan place which DOES say that you can have them from 24 weeks) that the best time is 28-32 weeks. She said that the baby has developed fat by then and that if done earlier some people are a bit disappointed with how the baby looks. I've decided to have mine at 27+6 - the wait is killing me!

    K 25+4 x
  • I was 28 weeks when I had mine. It was so worth the money. Hubby was unsure and thought the pics looked odd..until we had it done and he was converted. It was just fantastic. My pics were so clear and when Lily was born the nose and lips matched the 4D pics perfectly. Def have another one when I have next baby. I drank a can of coke before I went in as I was told it helps make the baby more active...and it worked for us! Good luck. xx
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