the last few days both my thighs have been itching really badly and theres like little spots on them that look like heat rash, the itching terriable,anyone eles have anything like this,should i be worried or anything coz iv heard about having a rash is a sign for something wrong?

love hayley 19 weeks 6 days xx


  • Hi Hun,
    If ur worried you shud go see your mw or gp, but I can tell you with my last pregnancy i had terribly itchy legs it drove me mad and my legs ended up in a right state thru stratching. Im afraid its just another doenside to pregnancy, ur skin can become very sensitive for no apparent reason (something to do with hormones) try changing washing powder to a really delicate one, and moisturising loads. Gp had to prescribe me a steroid cream it got that bad, so it mite be best to seek medical advise if it gets worse. Keep us informed, Kerry xxx

  • i rang nhs direct up this morning and they said it was most likley due to hormones aswell, and told me to see my pharmacy for some cream,

    just me worring over nothing lol
    love hayley xxx
  • I have this as well, and was getting a bit worried, they're like heat spots all over my legs. Glad I'm not the only one! I went to boots to get something and they couldn't really give me anything but am seeing doctor for my 22 wekk appointment next week so am going to mention it. I'll let you know what they say, hayley. x
  • Ive got a rash all over my lower tum and it itches like mad. ive been using a steriod cream which seems to help. you should get it checked by midwife or gp though just rule out anything bad. its probably just a change in hormones thats causing it.
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