34 week midwife app today.. iv been

morning girls

got my 34 week midwife app today, just gonna start doing my birth plan to take. what happens today then? anyone know?

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well iv been and everything is fine, baby perfect. she took some more blood to check iron levels. and talked thru my birth plan. see her again in 2 weeks.


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  • None of my appointments have involved any discussion about birth plans!
    I don't know if the mw will do anything with it - I think as long as you have an idea what you want for when you go into hospital, that's all that matters?
  • I think they will just do the usual checks today, i must admit tho like mummym in my last pregnancy birth plans weren't discussed once, not even wen my induction had been arranged. However if uv got a plan to take and show her im sure she'd be happy to discuss any points u mite be concerned about or anything like that. Gud luck hope all goes well, i too have the mw at 14.10 im really excited to hear babies heart agen. Kerry xxx

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