What to get hubby for his 30th!!!

I need some serious help girlies!
Got to start thinking about this now due to finances and also hubby's 30th is the day before Angus is due so nearer the time, I will have other things to be doing!!!

My 2 options are an Omega watch (like James Bond - his choice bless him!) but they are so expensive and I'd need to put it on credit which is just not good...
2nd option is a limited edition print by an artist he likes but I would worry about picking him something myself...

I would be grateful of ANY ideas!!!

A weekend away type thing is not ideal for us due to Angus's arrival as well...

Julie xxx


  • Hi Joo
    I brought my OH a watch for his 30th so it was something he could keep - He really like a TAG watch, obviously far too expensive so I chose soemthing in a different design and a lot cheaper but of a similar style. Could this be an option?
    I'm sure your baby arriving around the time of his birthday will be a fantastic pressie on its own though so don't worry too much
  • Thanks Shell, I did think of that and suggested it in summer - we were on hols and he fancied a Fossil watch that was pretty much a replica of the Omega watch. He bought it but took it back 2-days later as it 'just wasn't the same'... he really has his heart set on the Omega one!
    (thankfully I know he won't be expecting it from me...)

  • I like the idea of the print. I'm sure that you will pick something perfect for him

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