Totally gatecrashing - advise on pg tests please?!

I was just wondering what the earliest was that you can test after conception? And what are the chances of it being right?

I was over 6 weeks pregnant with ds and still got 4 BFNs, wasnt until I got to 10 weeks that I got a BFP and that was at the drs.

Could it be that I don't have very high HGC hormones?

Just wanted to test even though my af isn't due until 30th Jan!!! I'm being very impatient but thought there might be some chance of getting an accurate result.

I used cheapy Sainsbury's tests last time which were wrong so could buying a more expensive one make a difference? One which detects a lower HCG??



  • a couple of days diff makes a huge difference... i tested 3 days b4 af was due n gt a bfn... then i tested 3 days later and got a very bfp!!!... id hold out as long as u can!!!!!
  • Well the average time between ovulation and AF showing up is 14 days (the luteal phase). So if your AF isn't due until 30th Jan, that would mean you could be ovulating today! Even if your LP is usually longer than 2 weeks and you have already ovulated, testing 14 days before AF is due is VERY unlikely to give a positive result. If you can't wait until 30th, then I would at least hold off until 26th before you start testing!

    Good luck image

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