was that a movement?

i am 16 weeks.

i keep feeling what i can describe as a tickle about 2 inches from my belly button, could this be a 1st movement? this is my 1st baby so not sure what to expect?

xx :\)


  • I would say that was a movement thats the way I used to describe I also used to say it felt like a twitch in my belly. Oh wait until your baby is kicking and punching you, thats when the fun really begins
  • it dus sound like movment, enjoy!
    wait till you start to see your tummy moving its mad lol xxx


  • Hi hun, that definately sounds like a movement to me. Give it one or two weeks now and you'll be in no doubt as that was when my proper kicks started! Now they're massive and some make me jump they're so hefty! xx


  • im 18 weeks and felt a butterfly sensation dont know if to put it down to the baby or wind! ha but cant wait to feel him/her kick! x
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