Gross I know but am 37+3 weeks and starting to worry about the site of downstairs - I haven't been able to see past my belly for months, let alone reach to do the normal tidying... what's the general consensus - go 'natural' or ask OH to lend a hand??? lol xx


  • i have told hubby he will have to assist me when i get bigger and he is happy to oblige (bless) - not that ive been making much of an effort myself recently!! I even cant be arsed to shave my legs at the minute (just as well hubby accepts me as i am):lol:
  • lol I'm exactly the same Anged although my oh said he wont help as doesn't want to cut me. i've got him griping about having to shave his face and the fact i haven't even shaved my legs etc... but then when you find that you get home pass out in bed wake to eat go back to bed and then don't wake up till mid of night when do you have time to shave lol defo don't have time in am when i'mg getting ready for work lol.
  • I also dont have the time or energy to be shaving legs and just the other day i told my bf to help me as I couldnt see what i was doing downstairs. He was all to helpfull. And I think he liked doing it. In the fact that the results were great of course. *blush*
  • hehe - excellent - i have just broached the subject wearing only a maternity top and OH is more than happy to help - he suggested this evening after he has been out for a few beers - i think we'll leave it till tomorrow!!! image
  • I'm glad someone bought this up as I'd been wondering :lol: I like it 'all off' neatly done, lol, but it is getting a bit awkward with my belly even though I'm only 18 weeks. I was thinking about getting a wax, eek! Are they safe in pregnancy? Although I don't think I'm brave enough.

    I've asked oh and he refused to help me out so that's not an option. But I'll be really embarrassed to go into hospital with hairy legs and 'downstairs' so I'll have to get a wax. Haha, I want all the midwives to think 'God she's in labour but she still bothered to shave her legs' - and of course if there's any nice doctors - haha!
  • lmao i think that at teh time yo'd be wishing for the wax rather than labour lol although its the adoration in the eyes at the end that makes it worth while lol. my problem is i'd hate to think of the stubble scratchin the lil ones head as they come out image makes for a guilt trip afterwards but at the same time i'd hate to think of the pubic hair getting caught in the forcep hinge etc... sorry have graphic imagination. had that done when had a smear. brought tears to my eyes and yes i know labour pains will be bad enough but don't want the extra sharp pain on top of that!
  • I just slap a load of immac/veet on mine and whip it all off every other week as cant see what im doing!!! image
  • my oh offered voluntarily the other day after he caught me studying my changed shape in the mirror! I must admit - down there has certainly gone to rack and ruin - haven't touched it since hols at the begining of Sept!
    I'm 36 weeks now - so thinking we're going to have to have a little tidy sooner rather than later!
    Oh the glamourous side of pregnancy!
  • Hi Gem Bob, I was exactly the same wen I had my first son so my oh helped, I think he actually quite enjoyed it and after we both got past the laughing he did a good job, maybe he cud take it up professionally, imagine that..."Hay pregnant ladies need ur downstairs trimming cum see my partners!" Wat a great business idea ha ha ha Kerry xxxxxx
  • hi

    i called the salon for a wax a few days before my due date but they couldnt fit me in that day. i decided i could not possibly wait even a few hours for ben to come home so slapped a load of immac on, no mirrors were used and i thought happily jobs a good en. Until the day after i had given birth and saw the results when i had a shower - what was left was like a wonky balding christmas tree - so not a good look. i think i would have preferred the natural look than that! jo xx
  • Hi

    LMAO at all your answers!
    I managed to keep shaving my bits by hoiking my leg up on the side of the bath and shoving my bump the other way, I could kind of contort my body round so I could just see what I was doing. It was a mixture of bending and shaving by braille.

    When I was in labour I sat in the bath and shaved my legs and bikini line while having contractions every 5 mins. At the time I felt it was very important that I be smooth, honestly the things that go through your head while you're in labour!

    I think my hubby would've bluntly refused to wield a razor anywhere near me.

    Take care x
  • ladies i dont recommend the spray foam veet! not only does it get everywhere it removes everything! i think this time round ill use cream and just go by memory round the edges,lol xx
  • a mirror! i was so worried about that when i was pregnant and used a mirror in front of me. once you've had lo its so weird being able to see down there and bend over etc...its still feels weird now 6 months on lol good luck to you all with the rest of your pregnancies x
  • I attempted to wax using a mirror, it just seemed plain weird though! Its driving me up the wall not being able to do my bikini line properly, its been at least 2 months (am 34wks) now. Have been getting my legs waxed so thats not a problem but am debating whether to have a professional wax for downstairs as last time I tried to trim, I cut myself and it bled for ages!x
  • last time i was bothered and made sure it was neat this time i really don't have the energy and really don't care! i'm not bothering till after the baby's born! i'm sure they have seen it all b4!lol
  • I use veet in shower and used a mirror so I could see what I was doing as couldn't bear the thought of being waxed.
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