sent home from work!!

lol just as i get over all the pain from my leg and hip i now doubled up in pain again!!!

this time its in my lower abdonmen under my bump and feels like a cold sharpe stabbing pain, called doctors and he said its nothing but its sooo painfull the guys at work thought i was going in to labour i was hurting so much,

anyone got any advice or anything simular?
am 27 weeks today so bit worried as not sure if i should trust the doc as it was over the phone
please help x



  • Can you ring your midwife? Or the midwives at the hospital?
  • Hi, I'd call your hospital maternity ward & speak to a midwife.
    Maybe you have developed that problem where either your pubic bone or pelvis ligaments have become too loose (sorry I can't remember the exact thing) so it causes alot of pain...does the pain ease if you lye down with your legs together?
    Definitely call the midwifes though
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