hi ladies,
i suffer really bad with heartburn/acid i have gaviscon in a bottle but i need to take it every were with me as its quite bad.
this may sound silly but can you take gaviscon in tablet form?is it the same thing?
emma 30+1xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Yes you can take the tablets too. Just ask your doctor for a pescription then you won't need to pay for them either.
    Emma 36+6
  • you can get sachets, i have them in my handbag. also have rennie tablets.
  • I've also used Rennies which help.....another good trick is melon. I think you can also get gaviscon in little sachets so they're easier for carrying around, don't know expensive they are though!

    Cas 35 weeks
  • I paid for a bloody huge bottle of Gaviscon before being told I could get it free on prescription!!!
    I have the tablets in my handbag but find the liquid more effective so bought some sachets for my desk at work.
    Joo xxx
  • yes you can get tablets but i think that the medicine is a lot better specially when its lovely and cold its been like a best friend to me lol i take mine everywhere too xxxx

    emma 39 wks xx
  • The tablets get stuck in your teeth a little because you have to crunch them. I haven't had heartburn too bad, but the tablets have been handy for carrying round just in case. Liquid is best though I think!
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