Baby Showers - what do you think of them?

Hi ya, just been googling some ideas etc for baby showers as undiecided if i'd like one or not

On one site it say's it's best to play games and have a theme such as nursery ryhmes - which doesn't sound very me if i'm honest. I'm the first of my close friends to have a child and i'm not sure they'd enjoy it if we were all at someone's house playing a few games, i'd be worried they'd be getting bored and prob wouldn't enjoy it myself

So i was thinking i might just have a nice sunday roast in a pub to celebrate my last girlie day/eve before i become a parent - do you think that would be inapproiprate?
i was thinking this way people would n't have to dedicate a whole day to it they could just swing by for a drink if they liked (and if they choose to bring a gift fab - if not so what)!

what are you guys thinking of doing or have already done for yours?



  • Two of my friends organised a baby shower for me - i had it last Saturday. I really wasnt sure about it when they first suggested it but it was brilliant!

    They did it at my house, we invited people round for 2pm, most people left between 5 and 6 but a few stayed til almost 9!! They put up a couple of banners and had some balloons around. It was just nice and chilled, the two of them sorted the food and just did buffet style finger food.

    We played a couple of games (everyone cut a piece of string from a ball that they thought was the size of my bump, people brought baby photos and I had to guess who they were, they had collected baby/young children stories from the guests and again I had to guess whose was whose and we tasted baby food and guessed what it was!) but mostly we just all sat around and chatted. I earned my presents by guessing correctly in the games.

    I had a really good time and I think everyone who came did too. People were quiet to start off with but I think that was because they didnt all know each other, that soon changed!!

    Sarah 37+3

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  • My mum and sister are orgnaising one for me, I have just told them who I would like to invite and they are doing the rest.

    As far as I know everyone has been invited to my house for afternoon tea at 3pm and we are going to to sandwiches and cakes and generally just sit around having a chat.

    They said they have a few things planned but I dont know what.... will just have to see on the day

    They have mentioned that they might be taking bets on baby weights or sex or something along those lines
  • I'm having mine tommorow and really can't wait!

    My mum's organised it all - she's fab, she organised a bridal shower for me and it was brilliant. It's going to be an afternoon tea with a few games etc. All i know is it's a pink/blue theme (cuz i'm team yellow) and the rest is a surprise.

    We've invited my close friends and a couple of family members - there'll be a few young children and 2 other pregnant girlies.

    Presents haven't been mentioned - it's up to the guests if they want to.

    Have fun if you decide on having one!

    SF - 33+5 xxx

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